Watch Eyewitnesses give Reason for Recent Xenophobic Attack in South Africa

A car dealership owned by a Nigeria destroyed in the wake of the recent xenophobic attacks.

A video spotted online shows eyewitnesses giving an account of what sparked the recent xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and other nationals in South Africa.

The video shows two men share first-hand information on how it happened, saying that a Tanzanian drug peddler and not a Nigerian shot dead a South African taxi driver in the Pretoria area of the country. This is against the rumours making the rounds that a Nigerian committed the crime, which had escalated, causing loss of lives and properties worth millions of dollars.

They also said that Nigerians are always attributed to being responsible for any crime is due to media and popular stories in the past, but the Tanzanians largely sell drugs and robbing in Pretoria.

Watch the video below:



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