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Uwem Brown: Nigerians Should give Skales a Break

Skales Efe

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation” —Plato.

This cliché is a complete description of how some Nigerians can behave. They’re so quick to judge and swift to deliver judgement in matters that in real sense does not require or have no bases for argument.

A couple of days ago, Big Brother Nigeria game show had come to an end with Efe who was known for the signature phrase “based on logistics” becoming the winner.

Nigerians on twitter had turn up their timeline to congratulate him but, others were quick to drag ‘Raoul John Njeng-Njeng, a rapper, singer-songwriter and a performing artiste popularly known with the mononym Skales into mud with some absurd comparison.

Efe and Skales

See their tweets here.

Skales who began his career officially with ‘Empire Mate Entertainment EME,’ has come a long way. In 2015, Skales had one of the biggest songs “Shake bodi.” Which came off his debut album ‘Man of the year.’ This song was an anthem, a hit that was banging in the street, in parties and in clubs. In that same year, he got a couple of endorsement including “refresh your gear with Adidas” and MTN.

Skales Adidas deal

In 2014, according to thenet.ng, he got signed to ‘Baseline Records’ with a contract nearly worth over ₦200m. That’s some big cash.

Every artiste has their primetime. For the fact that an artiste is not churning out hit songs and big records does not mean the artiste is not making money off his past body off work and from other sources, especially in this age of digital sales were an act with a good management and smart digital manager can turn in a lots of income without even making hit songs.

So, the quick comparison of Skales getting richer or Efe with the ₦25m price money of Big Brother Nigeria blowing up faster than him is totally uncalled for.

Skales has been in the industry for a long time now, he has paid his dues. He has an album and several other hit singles tied to his name. He has made money and has worked his ass from Kaduna to the world. His story of nothing to something is also similar to that of Efe. However, Nigerians should let him be.

Skales has come to clap back on his haters, setting a different tone, turning the jibes to encourage his fans that if he can come this far, they can also make it life.

Here are some of his tweets below:

Skales Tweet

In life, there are classes. Some people belong to the top class are known, while others belong to the least class but are still known. However, there are some others who belong to top class who are not yet known, but they are doing quite okay.

Skales does not only belong to top class Nigerian artiste he is also known and very popular.

The problem with Nigerians who tackle Skales is; they believe so much in an artiste who flaunt wealth on the social media, so they confuse career and music progress with opulence and show-off, which doesn’t measure up. So, they tend to drag his brand to mud every time there is a music debate on the social media especially Twitter.

The disrespect is too much on one person, Nigerians should respect Skales and his brand.



Written By: Uwem Brown  who is a writer per excellence with focus on entertainment. he is also a critic and a co-host of De’headsup podcast. send me mail through: brownmoney12@gmail.com, call 08146663711. Also, find me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram: @uwembrown





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