Uwem Brown: “Based on logistics,”— my take, my expectations.

I understand Efe will pursue his music career headlong to make money and become famous, but he shouldn’t forget that he could turn in some more income with the patent on the phrase he has help popularised.


Based on logistics; big congratulations to Efe for winning Big Brother Nigeria show. It wouldn’t  have been any other person because Efe was the most real in the house and Nigerians could readily relate to his story of coming from a humble background to become the winner of the Big Brother game show.

Based on logistics” is the new word on the street. It has now given “who you Epp” a resting place. It is fresh, it is vogue, it is simple and every Nigerian and citizens of other African countries that where the BBN show can relate to and use it while making vibes, whether online or offline.

A quick look at when and how the phrase emanated from:

Like every other slang in the street of Warri, a city in the oil rich southern part of Nigeria, its a regular vibe while communicating with people, this is where it all began.

It could be used to start a saying like based on logistics, we are getting the money,” or it can be used to end a sentence like “if this new track drop guy you go blow, based on logistics.”  It is an affirmative phrase to boost confidence that; look you can do it, it’s nothing, just pull yourself together and go for it.

It can also be applied in different context depending on whosoever is using it and when and where it is being applied.

Remember the rapper, Erriga‒ Paperboi? He is the one that popularised that phrased. From the street of Warri, Erigga took the phrase and brought it out to the fore with his songs.


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Erigga Paperboi, better described as the Warri Pidgin English lyricist and entertainer, who has a record deal with Empire Records is the one who often used this phrase in his songs. Most times it was used as his outro or intro in his songs.

Perhaps, this wasn’t enough to form the spring base the phrase required to thrive in the scene of pop culture, because Erigga’s songs where mostly rendered in pidgin, and it lacked the capability to cross overseas for others to really relate with the phrase— based on logistics.

But, here comes Efe. The messiah of the phrase. He steps on the Big brother house game show and Pon d’ repeat word from his mouth were “based on logistics.

However, on putting a class on this, Erigga Paperboi was the ‘John the Baptist’ of the Phrase while Efe became the ‘Jesus Christ’ of the phrase.

Now that the phrase has gone viral, what next?

Will Efe behave like other Nigerian artiste who doesn’t know how to patent on the trends they create to make money?

Will he be carried away with the celebrations of his win over the big brother show?

My take:

In the past, we’ve had trending phrases come and go. We’ve had “Alobam” by Phyno which translate “my ride or die guy or friend or buddie” from Igbo language to English

We saw how many T- shirts were sold in the street of Lagos, Onitsha and Aba with the inscription “Alobam” with Phyno’s face on it.

How much did Phyno make off it? Don’t guess because he might have not made a kobo from it.

How about “who you Epp” that cut the eyes of the media when Olamide other artiste made a joint with it?

How long will the Nigerian artiste continue like this? They see a great avenue to turn in income but they refuse to recognise it, or just to ask, are they even conscious of patent in creativity and how it could be monetized to turn in income?

My expectations:

Since Efe is already on the spotlight, he should use it wisely to his advantage. He should recognise that he has to close all leakages to his brand turning in money big time.

He should be swift in doing the needful of writing a patent on the phrase—“Based on logistics.” This sounds odd to showbiz in Nigeria but it is quite important. Artiste are loosing so much money because of their lack of patent on their intellectual property.

Most brands are about to take advantage of identifying with him and the phrase to sell products. He should also be smart enough to sell the phrase to them to make money off it.


Tweet from @myaccessbank

The patent on the phrase will also help him provide legal prove to fashion companies who will use the phrase as inscription to sell their t- shirt, to pay him a percentage as bonded on the patent.

I understand Efe will pursue his music career headlong to make money and maintain the fame, but he shouldn’t forget that he could turn in some more income with the patent on the phrase he has help popularised.


Michael Efe Ejeba, the winner of the Big Brother Nigeria game show in 2017, a first class graduate of economics according to theinfong.com, is also a recording and performing Nigerian artiste.

He has an extended play (EP) album title “Lagos.”

He is from Delta state, but spent his growing time in Jos Plateau state.


Written By: Uwem Brown  who is a writer per excellence with focus on entertainment. he is also a critic and a co-host of De’headsup podcast. send me mail through: brownmoney12@gmail.com, call through 08146663711. Also, find me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram: @uwembrown



Written by kealdy Iboko

Kealdy Iboko, a budding writer, music critic, DeheadsUp Podcast Producer and believer of Christ. Contact: kealdy001@gmail.com, sms +2348112083988


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