The Business of Business: How Simple Ideas Gain Traction

In the past weeks, my focus has been on ideas: The Anatomy, Activities and The Action Plans for Crafting and Developing Winning and Profitable Ideas.

So, I will share my last tips on ideas today, and then move on to some other things from next week.

Stop getting yourself worked up because you want to create or design ‘great ideas’ at all cost!

The finest eureka moments are no longer the moments you discover those complicated and twisted scientific formulae and equations that bear semblance with the theories of the Einsteins and Pythagorases of this world.

The world is fast-changing. People are more human and emotional these days than they are robotic.

Nowadays, what matters isn’t just the complexity of the ideas, but the simplicity of the solution it offers.

‘Put your SIMPLICITY forward, and keep your COMPLEXITY at the backend.’

No one really cares about how complex the idea is. They care more about how simple it is in solving their problems.

Your goal as an ideapreneur isn’t to complicate life’s issue, but to find solutions that facilitate ease of work, shorter turnaround time, less steps to robust output, greater quality and quantity at lesser costs and time.

The permutations are numerous, you can add yours to the combinations.

We often sink great amount of time and scarce resources into looking for that complex ‘eureka moment’ while by-passing life-changing ideas as it were because we think they are just too simple.

Simplicity is a golden rule you mustn’t toy with if you really intend to create idea products and services that are user-attractive and user-friendly.

If there are any lessons to pick from the under fire Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and our dear Dangote among others, such lessons will rest on the fulcrum of simplicity.

Facebook for instance is an idea product created to satisfy the need for connection, expression and acceptance.

Recent developments have shown that a simple idea that can solve the very ‘dear’ needs of people can eventually become a money-spinning enterprise.

Facebook is a simple idea.

Yes, the algorithm behind it may be complex, but it sure makes its solution simple enough that from registering to finding friends, adding friends, connecting with friends, and even doing business has really come so easy and affordable.

Simply because you’re thinking of complex things, you won’t even notice that Dangote sells sugar, rice, pasta, cement, and soonest oil, yet he is the richest man in Africa.

While you’re thinking of creating or designing your next ‘big idea’, I would advise that you look again at the very people whose needs you intend meeting.

Are they seeking complexity or simplicity?

If you are still confused, please, spend time unearthing the solutions and needs met by Dangote, Zuckerberg, Bezos and Gates among others.

Keep It Simply Simple!


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Written by Prince Simeon

Goldenchyld is the Head Publicist and Blogger at Hypestation Nigeria. He has interest that cuts across lifestle, tech, music and other things that affect everyday living. Follow him on Twitter @goldenchylduno and @goldenchyld_ on Instagram


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