Rapper Speed Darlington Might go Diabolic on Tunde Ednut for Disrespecting Him

Left to right; Speed Darlington, Tunde Ednut

US-based Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington has fumed with mad rage on social media, and might consider going diabolic on singer cum social media promoter, Tunde Ednut for saying he made Speedy popular and therefore deserves an appreciation for that.

Tunde on his Instagram Story section made a post demanding “thank you” from Speedy who eventually saw it, causing him to react furiously in a couple of videos he later posted on social media.

Speed Darlington rained all manners of curses on Tunde, even saying he wishes him to be killed by white supremacists. He also said he might consider going diabolical and tie-down Tunde’s future, getting him deported back to Nigeria.




Tunde who is now feeling entitled has always been posting Speedy’s videos and speedy had openly told him to stop it and this time around he is not for games at all!


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