Prince Philip’s Death linked to Meghan and Prince Harry’s interview by Oprah


The Duke of Edinburgh, husband of the Queen has passed on in the morning of Friday 9th April 2021 as he was reported by Buckingham Palace to have died peacefully this morning.

However, Brain Kilmeade of Fox TV show host has linked Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry’s interview on Oprah’s show with the death of Prince Philip.

“If you factor in this, there are reports that he was enraged after the interview … Here he is trying to recover, and then he gets hit with that.”

This has got Twitter users talking and sending diverse opinions as to his death being natural or caused by shock. These comments follow;

“If my grandfather was dying, and the month that lead up to his death, my brother and his wife went on global television to damage my family and the family business, I’d be fucking livid.
If you wouldn’t be, then your family values are just as bad I’m afraid.


“he was already in the hospital before the interview happened…they could have stopped the interview if they thought what is best for Prince Phillip’s health instead they became selfish sad…


“Interview was recorded & scheduled to air b4 he went into the hospital. Life doesn’t stand still because of a person who was old enough to meet his maker after living a long life. I know people who’ve gone ahead with weddings after the death of a parent or grandparent. Life continues

“Man was a trillion years old. And ill for the last thousand.


“Look it’s not meg and Harry’s fault he died. That man had been sick for years. End of.


“No, they shouldn’t have let television near him. Or discuss the matters in his presence (for obvious health reasons).That’s how you help elderly sick people. Or better yet…behave better,which would include Prince Andrew.


“homie was 99 with multiple issues and they just wanted to tell the truth about how horrible the royal family really is, i don’t really see how the two are connected he knew the truth there’s nothing to be mad about


“There was obviously no other reason why a mere child of 99 would die so prematurely. Had to be Meghan’s fault.

However, they have been numerous comments of diverse opinions from tweeter users, both directly and sarcastically on the platform.


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