Nathaniel Bassey’s Music Video for ‘Hallelujah Challenge Medley’ Stirs up Reactions on the Internet


Nigerian gospel musician and songwriter Nathaniel Bassey, popularly known for his songs ‘Imela’ and “Onise Iyanu’ released his ‘Hallelujah Challenge Medley’ video which seems to have gotten many followers of his, excited and amazed at how well he does his thing!

Different reactions came along his video as several Twitter users poured out their feelings and amazement about his trumpeting in ‘Hallelujah Challenge Medley’ the music video.


Below are the reactions expressed by some Twitter Users

“Nathaniel Bassey will probably be among the Angels that will blow the trumpet on the last day and it will sound like Hallelujah again”.


“Nathaniel Bassey is one of the greatest things that happened to gospel music in Nigeria, he always makes worship seem very easy. I enjoy him any day, anytime”.


“With a fundamental belief that worship is a very essential tool as God connects with His people, Pastor Nathaniel Bassey sets out to express that agape love in highly inspirational music, which doubles instrumentals, especially via his trumpet with very moving vocals”.


“Nathaniel Bassey is undoubtedly a national treasure, he gives us more than enough reasons to say Hallelujah. The man’s indeed a gift, whenever he holds the trumpet he takes us into that inexplicable realm. Amazing album as expected”.


“Hallelujah again has been on repeat since yesterday. It was indeed a perfect way to start the month. Nathaniel Bassey has constantly proven himself to be the best and I celebrate God’s grace upon him. I love this part of the song so much.  Filled with power”.


However, there are lots of other comments from fans and followers of the singer expressing excitement based on the new song off his ‘Hallelujah Again’ album.


Written by Prince Simeon

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