My Entrepreneurship Goals Programme (MEGP) and the Many Gains for Akwa Ibom State

By Paul Sylvester

The greatest efforts put into growing an economy, are those on human capacity. This stands so due to the irreplaceable function of the human resource in all sectors. This concern, it can be held has been key focus in Akwa Ibom State, vis: My Entrepreneurship Goals Programme (MEGP).

Designed for young startups through the Directorate of Microfinance and Enterprise Development, MEGP is a human resource development scheme, where exclusive and intensive business training workshop holds for participating entrepreneurs. The programme operates with the belief that entrepreneurship and business skills are teachable and learnable. This explains why organisers have devised the 12 weeks per batch programme to equip startups and other young entrepreneurs with the basic skills required to launch and run their businesses at the early stage of their growth. Interestingly, the programme is a continuous process and interest participants can join HERE.

What good then await participants or prospective participants? According to the managing team, the programme is designed to bring together the best tools and frameworks to teach and imbue entrepreneurship skills into a reasonable section of the populace.

The programme comprehensively deals in business subjects ranging across starting a business, scaling a business, business development, marketing strategy, effective management, leadership and product design. Overseen by the Senior Special Assistant to the governor, on Microfinance and Enterprise Development, Mr Ime Uwah, the programme is already meeting its goals in bits. Uwah who has personally put resources in place and supervised, accordingly, relents on no ground. He has consciously interpreted in action, the governor’s dream, to the fair justification of his appointment.

For a programme that assembles fine business mentors, experts, solution provider to peculiar businesses, MEGP participants stand a chance to become better through mentorship, exposure, relevant connection. As proposed, every participating start up and young entrepreneur shall be attached to specific mentors for guidance and due support. Those working on business plans shall be aided, followed up till reasonable achievement is attained.

Equally, in MEGP, the window for collaborative learning and team work, is ensured. By this, participants are drilled to develop productive virtues, ability to pursue group solidarity, become positively dependent for a collective growth. These attributes directly and indirectly contribute to a desirable business atmosphere and on the long run add up to the economic goals of Gov Udom Emmanuel in view of his completion agenda.

Again, for start-ups and young entrepreneurs in Akwa Ibom State, who haven’t identified with MEGP, it is greatly advisable to do by registering to join, as the opportunity is worth great value.

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