“I’m Back To Finish What I Started” –Ibrahimovic Boasts

Manchester United’s Zlatan Ibrahimovich has confidently signaled his return for a second stint at Old Trafford  where he penned his signature for a one year deal as a free agent from Paris Saint Germain  in July, 2016.

The 36-year-old who fascinated football enthusiasts with his move to the English league in his prime scored 28 goals in 46 games in his debut season but saw his fantastic scoring record being put to a hold by a threatening knee injury midway to the end of the season.

His deal which had in it the option of an extra year on the conditions of  satisfactory performance got renewed when United’s management discovered he was recuperating and responding to the rehabilitation program at the club.

When asked about United’s new in-form striker, Romelu Lukaku who joined the North London side from Everton last July, the former Barcelona forward said Lukaku’s present form takes the pressure off him and makes his “comeback” much easier.

“Lukaku is in the team scoring a lot of goals, and he is making the job easier for me, because last year when we were playing we could not change that role.

“We had one scoring the goals, and doing that job, and there was no variations for the coach. This season it is easier. Lukaku is only positive, because he makes my “comeback” less pressured, it gives me a lot of time, and I’m happy for that.”

With United suffering a shock loss against Huddersfield last week and Lukaku’s form taking a deep, the Swede who has boasted about his target to win the Premier league might just be the boast Mourinho’s team needs at the moment.

Speaking to Thierry Henry in an interview on Sky Sport, Ibrahimovic was very confident about his chances of lifting the Premier League trophy with United before leaving.

‘I said I have come back to finish what I started.Everything I built up in the first season – obviously we won the three trophies – the ending for me was not the ending I wanted, or nobody wanted, especially after how the season went.

‘The target is the Premier League. That is my target to finish. Everything I started in the first season, we will finish in the second one.’

“In that moment when it happened, it was easier for me to say that I would come back because then I had a challenge,”

“The challenge was that I never had a major injury, and all these people talking that ‘it’s over’ or ‘he’s too old’, all these doubts that I had in my whole career.

“When that happens, it triggers me because it gives me energy and an objective. I’m challenging what I am able to do, how far I can take my body.

“In the last years, when you’re thinking how many more years you are going to play, that is where you are hesitating.

“But the injury made it easy for me. I had one target, and that is to come back and play the game.

“I will walk out just as I came in, I will not walk out limping.

“I will walk out the way I want to walk out. Even if I have to walk on water I will do that also.”

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