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How The Roothub is tackling Unemployment in Nigeria’s Niger Delta through ngage.ng


Technology is evolving at an exponential rate and increasingly becoming an integral part of our work and life. The World Economic Forum estimates that 33% of jobs in 2020 didn’t even exist years ago. Other research by Accenture confirms that by 2024, roles requiring digital skills will grow by 12%. Situations as this shows that the future of economic success within the Niger Delta region – and Nigeria at large – rests on the availability of a pool of skilled young people (basic, intermediary, & advanced), equipped for future rising job demands, as well as a quick tool to easily deploy these people to jobs.



Considering the gravity and scale of the problem, The Roothub in partnership with Google and other partners, has trained 11,650 disadvantaged youths via their Tech 101 project, providing much needed technology skills to low-income youths, empowering them in today’s digital world and helping them access employment, advance career paths, and drive self-reliance through entrepreneurship.



The remarkable success of The Roothub in removing barriers for youth employment in the South South region, and the need to further engage these trained talents, has encouraged the organization to further build new pathways to job creation through a new platform called www.ngage.ng – a platform to provide skill-matching between talents (youth), and jobs together with the required life-long learning to support them in creating their personal career routes. It is a tool aimed at supporting people individually with their personal career path and combines life-long-learning opportunities with specific job offers.


Young people are the most vulnerable group in the job market with an unemployment rate exceeding 40 percent. From accessing sometimes unavailable jobs to being unemployable due to lack of digital skills, ngage.ng is committed to changing this narrative by working closely with major companies, organisations and SMEs to create job opportunities for disadvantaged youth aged 17 to 35 and older. The platform works with underprivileged youth through several channels to capture their data, analyze their needs and behavior, train them and offer the best jobs matching their profiles.


The vision of the platform is to:

A set of algorithms, which involve the match-making and recommendation of jobs, based on dynamic skill sets, locations

Build a talent community with real actionable data of opportunities and learnings

Upskill and guide talents in various sectors leveraging technology, to spread and improve the availability of digital jobs in order to foster digitization to reduce the youth unemployment rate.


According to the Co-Founder of The Roothub, Tony Onuk, the ngage.ng platform is currently undergoing testing and initial onboarding of both companies and talents prior to its official launch in February 2020. “It is our hope that young people should believe in their own talents and try to realize their dreams. Then, perhaps supported by ngage.ng, finding the right jobs and the right skills needed, would be available at your fingertips.”



To be honest, a lot of young people after high school or university degree, are usually clueless as to what the future holds and a tool like ngage.ng which shows opportunities based on their skill set, is invaluable – because you just don’t know if you have the right skills to reach your personal goals or if you will miss other opportunities. This is a clear example of youths solving the problems that affect them the most!


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