Dr. Flavour, Rozay, Family Man, Mc Bon Jovi and & More Join Uyo’s new radio station, Comfort Fm.

Comfort FM

Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State seems to be having its fair share of airwaves boom as Comfort FM, the newest radio station sets up shop in the city.

Voices that will be heard from behind its microphone will include, Family Man and Hilary Michael, former Atlantic FM presenters and MC Bon Jovi, Dr. Flavour, Rozay and Juliet Davis – JD, all formerly with Planet FM.

The station which is currently carrying out its test transmission is tuned to 95.1 frequency modulation.

Comfort FM is the 7th radio station and 2nd privately owned set up in Akwa Ibom.

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  1. Comfort FM is not the 2nd Private radio station in Akwa Ibom, its the 4th. Others are Planet Fm , Inspiration Fm, Heritage Fm. Do your homework right..

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