COOPA launches #ExperienceAkwaIbom Online Campaign at Social Media Week Lagos


Akwa Ibom New Media practitioners under the auspices of Conference Of Online Publishers in Akwa Ibom also known as COOPA have launched out a new online campaign tagged “Experience Akwa Ibom” at the ongoing Social Media Week in Lagos.

The organisation with it’s 30 delegates from Akwa Ibom State to the Social Media Week Lagos, on Thursday, the 4th day of the event took the venue by storm, considering it as a fertile ground to draw attention to the potentials available in their own State for exploits. Members of COOPA took to strategic locations of the venue of the event to display banners with inscription ” Experience Akwa Ibom. Come. Live. Work. Invest”.

According to the Chancellor of COOPA, Ifreke Nseowo, the campaign will go beyond the venue of the Social Media Week and its impact felt both online and offline.

He said the campaign is geared towards advancing narratives that will unveil the beauty of Akwa Ibom State to the world in order to attract investment into the State.

Nseowo offered insight to the fact that the clarion call on people to come, live, work and invest in the State transcends political leanings and stays blind to primordial sentiments as it seeks to help Akwa Ibom leverage on the strength of hospitality, security and cutting edge infrastructure in generating a conversation that will bring Nigerians to embrace and explore the beauty of the Akwa Ibom brand.

He added “Individuality seems to have put us down for so long, with our people, still yet to realize the essence of healthy collaborations in a continually competitive space.

“Truth remains that in the current millennium, there is hardly a clime that broke even with people who do not care about what happens around them. The partnership has replaced the “mind your business” ideology.

“The peace of going alone can never be compared to the beauty of companionship; this the Conference of Online Publishers in Akwa Ibom State (COOPA) on the Day 4 of the ongoing Social Media Week, Lagos, ensured in their exporting the Akwa Ibom brand on the stage of Africa’s biggest media crowd.”

The Chancellor pointed out that his administration in COOPA is committed to advancing narratives that will unveil the beauty of what he described as the fledgling economic prospects of creating a first-class State in a third world country, where Akwa Ibom State can do more and achieve more through collaborations.


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