Brazil to 2021 COPA America after Argentina, Colombia Stripped of Hosting Rights



South American soccer governing body, CONMEBOL, has announced its decision to change host for next month’s COPA America to Brazil, following Argentina’s decision to pull out from the event following rising Covid-19 cases.

Co-host, Colombia, had earlier been removed, following widespread protests demanding social and economic change erupted across the country, bringing an end to what would have been the first time the tournaments would feature joint hosts. Argentina is currently facing a spoke in Covid-19 cases, with strict lockdown protocols out in place last weekend.

The Brazil senate is currently running a congressional probe into President Bolsonaro’s handling of the pandemic, amidst the current plan to host the event. While some are outraged by the countries decision to host the event, others are looking forward to it with some seeing nothing wrong as long as proper safety measures were followed.

Brazil is the current champion, winning the competition in 2019 as hosts. The event will kick off as planned on June 13, with the final on July 10 after earlier uncertainty.


Written by Ambagain Inyambe

Ambagain is an intern and a freelance writer at hypestation. To him, writing is one of the many forms of expression available. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram on @iiambagain


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