AKSU Staff Tenders Apology to VC, Issues Disclaimer Over Defamation Publications

Iquo Ebong Okon 

A staff of the Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU), Iquo Ebong Okon has apologised to the institution’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Eno Ibanga over a defamation publication made on Facebook early in the year, 2020 between the months of February and March respectively.

Iquo Okon who works as an Administrative Assistant Directorate of Information, Public Relations and Protocol (Office of the Vice-Chancellor), Akwa Ibom State University had been arrested in April, 2020 by officers of the Nigeria Police and charged for Defamation of Character over the publications which had insulted the VC, Prof. Ibanga.

In her apology and disclaimer note, Iquo said she “was not a party to the said publications and deeply sorry for the unintended use to which the Page has been used”. She added that the insulting contents were made without her knowledge, consent, contribution, approval, and without any notice whatsoever to her.

Read her disclaimer and apology in full:

“I, Iquo Ebong Okon hereby humbly offer a DISCLAIMER AND MY UNRESERVED APOLOGY and regret over the defamatory publications published in the SOS Facebook Page on 27/2/2020; 20/3/2020; 23/3/2020 and/or on any other date(s) BY MR. EYO EMINUE, a co-administrator of the Page, without my knowledge, without my consent, without my contribution, without my approval and without any notice whatsoever to me.

I confirm that I know nothing about those publications having not logged into the SOS page since January, 2019 after Mr. Eyo Eminue insulted me for posting the New Year Message from the Vice Chancellor to the University Community on this page. I most sincerely regret any inconvenience(s) or embarrassment those defamatory publications by Mr. Eyo Eminue have caused all those involved, especially the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Eno James Ibanga.

This Page, only created then to solicit for the payment of our salaries of the then newly employed staff of the Akwa Ibom State University, lost its practical essence the moment the authorities began to pay our salaries, and I stopped posting anything to that effect on the Page which, in any event, was neither created for any nefarious activities nor to tarnish anybody’s image as Mr. Eyo Eminue has personally turned it into.

I was not a party to the said publications. I AM DEEPLY SORRY for the unintended use to which the Page has been used.”


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