“Africa Needs to be Delibrate to Make Things Right” – Michele Swan

Michele Swan (photo: Facebook)

An businesswoman and philanthropist, Michele Swan has said that the African continent has to put it’s act together and prepare ahead of the post-pandemic era if it needs to survive by making deliberate efforts to make things right.

Mrs. Swan who is the President of the Africa Vision Card, a debit card technology headquartered in Atlanta Georgia, USA with Corporate Branches in Lagos, Nigeria, and Accra, Ghana, in a series of tweets said that the continent should take charge of its affairs and meet up with the rest of the world, especially in technological advancements.

The tweet reads:

“Leadership is a major problem in Africa which has given birth to corruption and it has eaten deep into fabrics of its society. This is evident in the decay in its education, security, health, and other sectors of the economy.”


“Africa has got great potentials. Look at its entertainment industry and the success they have made, despite not equipped like the Western World. It’s an impressive feat to have the biggest music sector in Africa the third most active film producers in the World. All of these have been possible because of its hardworking and talented people.”


“It’s rather unfortunate that the pandemic has hit the African continent and this has shown how poor it’s systems and structures are. This should serve as a critical learning curve for the people and their leaders. There must be a deliberate effort to make things right”, she concluded.


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