Ace Akwa Ibom Nollywood Director, Moses Eskor quits AGN. | Read his Withdrawal Letter

Moses Eskor disassociates self from AGN in Akwa Ibom over blackmail…

Moses Eskor (DGN)

One of Akwa Ibom’s foremost Nollywood movie actor and director, Moses Eskor has withdrawn from the Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN.

He made this known in a letter he shared over social media stating that he has quit the apex body of actors in Nigeria due to issues of blackmail and envy which has characterised the Akwa Ibom State Chapter of the association.

The letter reads below:

Letter of Withdrawal from AGN

From now onwards, I Moses Eskor duly withdraw from Anything that concerns Actors Guild Of Nigeria, Akwa Ibom State Chapter, I do this because of series of blackmail that come from the group AGN to my person over the years and has refused to change.

After all my contributions to the development of the film industry in Akwa Ibom State the envy and hatred towards my person from the AGN circle has refused to change over the years as I have always been rewarded with blackmails, name callings, lies and character assassination.

A popular proverb in Ibibio says “owo ama usua dianga nsanga”, meaning when someone hates you stop going close to him, I must act wisely by disassociating with people who unrepentantly hates me.

Henceforth, I advise all AGN agents to stay clear from my Productions.

Nigeria is a country with freedom of Association, one must not join any Guild to advance in the industry, the industry in Nigeria is bigger than a single guild.

I will never relent in my GOD given call in sorting and developing talents in Akwa Ibom State but I will not do it with people associated with AGN.

I take the advice of the Special Assistant to The Akwa Ibom State Governor on Entertainment, Utang Akwa Ibom who has advise me not to change business or leave the industry but I will never ever listen to any Association with AGN.

I hereby thank AGN for all they’ve been doing to me over the years.


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