9 Tips for Selecting Influencers for an Online Marketing Campaign

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by Edidiong Ekong

Truthfully, working with the right influencers is key to any successful influencer marketing campaign. Since every campaign is different and has different goals, objectives, intensity, frequency and expected results, selecting the right influencers who are relevant, authentic, engaging, and well-matched to your brand values and image will contribute greatly to your campaigns.

Researching and finding the right influencers may seem like a scary process but is important for success. There are many factors you’ll need to keep in mind during your search.


Campaign Goals

You need to set your campaign goals before searching for influencers or setting up your campaign. These goals may include Brand awareness, Content creation, Sales or app downloads and Newsletter subscribers or followers on social media.

By setting your campaign goals before selecting influencers, you’ll be able to choose influencers you know are likely to help you reach your goals, rather than working with influencers who may or may not contribute to them. For instance, if your goal is to create content, you’ll want to collaborate with influencers who have photography skills, rather than influencers who may have reached, but average content.



Reaching the right potential audience is very important for every campaign, therefore, it’s crucial to select influencers who have a relevant audience for your brand. You can use audience demographic features, available on influencer marketing platforms, to identify influencers who have an audience in your target location, age, or gender. This gives you the opportunity to reach the right audience and communicate about your products and services.


Check the Engagement Rate

Good engagement shows that the audience actually cares about what the influencers publish. It is therefore important to check whether the influencer usually takes the time to respond to their followers. Influencers who react quickly to comments develop great relationships with their followers. In turn, their followers are likely more invested in the content that’s shared with them.



Getting the best-fit influencer for any campaign is as important as ever. When you’re looking through the influencers’ profiles, you should be able to imagine your products or services being advertised there. When you collaborate with them, their sponsored posts will resonate well with their audience. For example, promotions for a Car brand, would look out of place on food & drink influencer’s Instagram.  



To ensure our collaborations run smoothly and effectively, the influencers you choose to work with must be reliable, proactive and replies to messages promptly and professionally.



Be sure to look at how often the influencers publish content. In order for influencers to build a loyal audience, they need to engage their followers by posting high-quality content on their Instagram account regularly. Active Instagram profiles should ideally publish content once every 1-3 days.

You should also check how often the influencers publish sponsored content. You should be looking for a good balance of sponsored and normal content. If you notice that influencers have published 3 or more sponsored posts in a row, their credibility may be at risk. Then, read through some of the comments their followers have left on their sponsored posts. Negative comments indicate that the influencer may be promoting too many brands.


Content Quality

Since the contents the influencers will be creating will be representing you, it’s important to check whether their content quality is a fit for your brand image. When you look at the influencers’ profiles, you should look closely for content that’s clear, well-composed, creative, consistent, and optimized.



Authentic influencers are more likely to have a dedicated following. They’re able to build up audience loyalty and trust by becoming experts in their niche, such as food & drink or fashion. They show their expertise by sharing genuine, personal stories, tips, and advice.

It is also important to look for well-thought-out captions that the influencer used to convey a story.


Audience Quality

It is also crucial to determine the audience quality of the influencer to be used. For example, the influencers publish very little content, but they have a high number of engagements or a large following, or the influencer has a very high or low engagement for their number of followers.


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