6 Amazing Reasons You Should Visit the Ibom Christmas Village 2019

Commissioner for Culture and Tourism Akwa Ibom State, Rt. Hon. Orman Esin

Activities to mark the yuletide season in Akwa Ibom State, tagged “Ibom Christmas Celebrations” was kicked off with the official opening of the ‘Ibom Christmas Village’ on December 1, 2019, by the State governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel. This initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism under the leadership of Hon. Orman Esin as the Commissioner in collaboration with the Hotels and Tourism Management Board will last till January 1, 2020.

Here are some reasons you should visit the Ibom Christmas Village, which is dubbed one of the best in Nigeria.


Adequate Security

A joint team of Security personnel, both uniformed plain clothe are always on ground at the village to ensure human and vehicular safety. This is in addition to the floodlights spread across the village to prevent unholy activities by miscreants.


Superb Entertainment


It has a world-class central stage with the best of sound and lighting which features thrilling performances by domestic and foreign available to entertain guests at different intervals for the 32-day duration. Hence, individuals are not allowed to bring their generators and sound system.


Variety of Vendors

Ibom Christmas village has about 250 Kiosks constructed and uniformly designed for various businesses. Each has access to 24hours free power to ensure that drinks are served chilled. This is in addition to the constant water supply to all kiosks and every other person doing business within the village.


Serene Environment


The location for the village is one of the most serene and tranquil location on the State, which can give soothing relief to visitors. It is well decorated and beautified, plus the provision of different playgrounds for Children with all playing facilities in place.


Hygienic Prepared Meals

To ensure provision of hygienic meals, there are secret government agents planted to monitor how food are prepared for general consumption. Hence, no unauthorized hawking is not to reduce food poisoning! It is also worthy of note that continental meals, fresh Palm wine and other local drinks are readily available.


Proper Waste Management 

There are adequate receptacles and dumpsters around the village to control indiscriminate refuse disposal. This is in addition to the mobile toilets strategically placed to stop people from urinating indiscriminately, thereby avoiding foul odors that might become offensive to visitors.


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