Youth Alive Foundation Shares Data of Corruption from Two Akwa Ibom Tertiary Institutions


A civil society organisation under the aegies of Youth Alive Foundation (YAF) has shared data into acts of corruption carried out in two of Akwa Ibom’s foremost tertiary institutions.

The data which was gotten from two institutions in the State; Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic, Ikot Osurua and the Univerisity of Uyo, was made available by the organisation in a recent press conference held over the weekend in Uyo, while giving a report of DFID’s ACORN Programme (Anti-corruption in Nigeria), implementing the Y-PAC (Strengthening Youth Participation against corruption) project. A 5-year project which seeks to engage youths to become active advocates in the fight against corruption.

“The corrupt practice students are perceived to be engaged in the most according to the respondents across board is Cultism (37%). For the non-academic staff it is mainly Bribery/Extortion (39%) and the most engaged corrupt practice of Lecturers is said to be Sorting/Subscription i.e. money for marks (45%).  59% of the student respondents revealed their unwillingness towards tackling or reporting corrupt practices for fear victimization and the absence of channels or platforms for tackling such.”

Although students leaders have led vanguard to combating the menace much still needs to be done the press explain. However. YAF has stated clearly her role in strengthening youths’ inclusion in governance through the Y-PAC project is to strengthen integrity in tertiary institutions in Nigeria..

A part of the statement reads as thus:

Going forward the Youth Alive Foundation is poised to leading a campaign against corruption, a trajectory that will raise proven leaders with unquestionable capacity and pedigree. Y-PAC a programme where the youths who forms a large quotient of the society will be trained, empowered and enhanced at all strata to achieve their enviable dreams.

Away from meaningful paradigms and re-branded narratives, the group will add to her programme orientation courses channelled at re-engineering the character of young people there by re-establishing a proven culture of integrity.

Finally, YAF admonished higher institutions, legislatures and other related bodies and stakeholders to make grave laws that will discourage cultism, rape and other social criminal tendencies amongst young people.  Stressing that if that is done, youth will have no choice than abstain from measures that will make them machineries against humanity, social and economic growth.

“In conclusion, the bulk of work is on the institutions to do more work in ensuring that strict laws are put in place and appropriate enlightenment programs and punitive measures to instill fear and deter those who are culprits from continuing in their corrupt practices and to also assure the students that their safety and fundamental rights are of top priority. Most importantly, policies to address sexual harassment on campuses should be enacted stakeholders in tertiary institutions.”


Written by Prince Simeon

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