“When I count my blessings I mention Ekaette twice” – Samuel Ayara | See Their Pre-Wedding Photos by Sammy Paparazzi

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There’s no excitement like any other when two young person have love themselves and settle down in marriage. In a recent chat with the witty and vibrant young journalist, Samuel Ayara gushes out on his soon-to-be-bride. Read his heartfelt love for her below and how he met her:


I met Ekaette Okoh as an undergraduate student of the University of Calabar Medical School.

Life after that meeting has been everything but boring, so much have fallen in place and most of all the satisfaction of having a friend who knows all and sees all, but with a piercing smile calmly assures it could always get better.

Taking her hands, I’m sure she has my heart, mind and back, if there has been any decision I’d wish to take all over again, it would be the choice of having her again and again.

Her penchant for industry and humanity is breath taking so is her disposition to life situations.

Make no mistake; when I count my blessings I mention Ekaette twice. She has been more than an inspiration.

God bless us.

See their pre-wedding photos below.


Samuel and Ekaette - hypestationng.jpg3


Samuel and Ekaette - hypestationng.jpg4


Samuel and Ekaette - hypestationng.jpg5


Samuel and Ekaette - hypestationng.jpg6




Samuel and Ekaette - hypestationng1






Samuel and Ekaette - hypestationng


Samuel and Ekaette - hypestationng.jpg7




Photo Credit: Sammy Paparazzi


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