Watch Femi Falana Speak after Re-Arrest of Sowore and Bakare by DSS

Femi Falana(SAN) addressing the media after Sowore and Bakare's re-arresst by the DSS
Femi Falana(SAN) addressing the media after Sowor and Bakare’s re-arrest by the DSS

Femi Falana (SAN), Lawyer to the activists, Omoyele Sowore and Olawale Bakare has spoken for the first time shortly after DSS disrupted a Federal high Court proceeding on Friday morning to re-arrest both men, while they were standing trial.

He said in part, “I can assure that what is happening now will not go unchallenged…we either run this country on the rule of law or we resort to gangsterism which is what is going on and we are not going to allow it.”

“Under a democratically elected government, we are not going to allow anybody, no matter how highly placed, to treat the rule of law with disdain”,  added.

Falana (SAN), also stated that the DSS had filed fresh charges against Sowore and Bakare, although he has not been furnished with details.

Watch the video below as shared on Twitter.


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