Want to Enjoy Twitter Nigeria Space? Here are the Top 10 Influential Accounts to Follow

Tweeps to Follow

Twitter remains a major social media platform that has created a lot of impact on digital socialization. Asides from socialization, it has become a meeting point to discuss social issues and a tool to mobilize for political movements which have given a voice to citizens of countries to speak up against government policies.

However, Nigeria is not left out of this as the Twitter Nigeria space is that virtual arena to hold thought-provoking conversations, enjoy friendly banters, seek community support and more. In no particular order, here are 10 interesting and influential tweeps you should be following.


Aproko Doctor

Akproko Doctor

At a time when the Twitter atmosphere was buzzing with social media influencers, who plied their trade on influencing social media, Aproko Doctor used his platform to provide health information. Yes, those type of handles already exists, but Aproko Doctor made the Nigerian medical Twitter atmosphere a lot of fun. He carved a niche for himself providing tips on weight loss, healthy living and constantly berating those who open their fridge by midnight.


Don Jazzy


His personal brand went from not speaking at all during interviews back in the days with Mo’Hits Records to speaking, commenting and even acting with voice, and not voice-overs or ad-libs. Don Jazzy‘s transformation is one of the most spectacular things that happened in the entertainment industry over the last decade. The current Mavin Boss has done things from giveaways to appearing in comic skits, even confessing his love for Rihanna, with photoshopped pictures to prove it, Don Jazzy’s interaction on Twitter is always something you can look forward to.


Dr Joe Abah

Joe Abbah

Being popularly regarded as “The Fence” comes with certain privileges, you get to see both sides of the yard. LOL. Dr Joe Abah, aka Baby Boy, tweets about just everything, from politics to governance, and most importantly, Bants, the lifeblood of Twitter. He encourages debates and conversations, without cursing someone’s ancestors, to enlighten his followers on certain topics, and on rare occasions, he picks a side. He is an Arsenal supporter, and a proud grandfather, who is serious about babysitting duties.


FK Abudu


FK Abudu was instrumental, among others, during the EndSARS protest of 2020, joining forces with the Feminist Coalition to raise over $380k in two weeks, geared towards providing support and aid to the EndSARS protesters during the protests, and the resultant aftermath. Generally, a lover of wine and the accompanying result, laughter, not inebriation, FK Abudu also presents a podcast.


Mayor Otu

Mayor Otu

A lot of learning is done these days on social media and the micro-blogging platform, Twitter is not an exception. Mayor Otu, one of Nigeria’s finest and fastest rising documentary photographer in recent years has helped raised millions of Naira through his works for community projects which include health, water, education to mention but a few. He also makes it easier for budding photographers to learn photography with ease through his various tweet sessions. From light settings, image composition, camera and lens choices to smart hacks to achieve excellent images, Mayor is the handle to follow.


Ogbeni Dipo


Ogbeni Dipo is a Personal Development Coach and a Strategist, at least that’s what it reads on his Twitter bio, but that nothing compared to his activity in empowering young professionals towards increasing their potentials by providing information about, and access to programs and courses designed to achieve that goal. He is the founder of BTDTHub.


Sally Suleiman

Sally Suleiman

Sally Suleiman’s Sally Suleiman’s tweets are capable of carrying you through a rough day or generally just brightening your mood, possessing a general feel-good factor. A humanitarian and founder of Giveaway Nigeria, she uses her platform to provide support for the less privileged. As a social media personality, she uses her platform to share information and create a feel-good atmosphere for positivity.



Sega Link

You may have come across a tweet of someone thanking Segalink. If not, there is a slight possibility your Twitter timeline consists of sunshine and rainbows. In a time where Nigerian Police harassment and brutality was on the rise, Segalink was a force to be reckoned with. Scandal or no scandal, his efforts to ensure victims of police harassment were set free and refunded when extorted, would forever remain in the hearts and minds of those who remember when he came to their rescue. He also provides ‘legal representation’ to children who have committed domestic or household crimes like breaking the television or painting on the walls, defending them, bordering around the negligence of supervisors (parents).


Sub Delivery Zone


If you are online just for fun, Sub Delivery Zone is a handle you should definitely be following. From videos to pictures, and the occasional “keep me anon, I need advice”, Sub Delivery Zone has something to look out for.


Tunde Tash

Tunde Tash

Have you been considering travelling out of the country or as famously put, you desire to “Japa”? Tunde Tash is one of the handles you need to be following. The Business analyst and certified HR professional is the Co-Founder of Human Squad, Canada who also provides resources on education, development and the occasional hacks, plus clear insights (how to do stuff easy-ier).


Written by Prince Simeon

Goldenchyld is the Head Publicist and Blogger at Hypestation Nigeria. He has interest that cuts across lifestle, tech, music and other things that affect everyday living. Follow him on Twitter @goldenchylduno and @goldenchyld_ on Instagram


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