Vector drops ‘Judas the Rat – #Pastorson’ to Reply M.I’s diss



After the long wait, Vector releases ‘Judas the Rat – #Pastorson’, a reply to M.I Abaga’s ‘The Viper’ diss song.

On the song, Vector claims to be the #1 rapper in the “234” (Nigeria’s country code), while taking shots at Jesse Jagz’ music career, saying he’s struggling to survive while M.I is claiming to be the ‘Chairman’.

He also takes some jabs at the Chocolate City boss with lines like “I think a successful man, is one who knows himself/That thinking is far from you because it’s top of the shelf”…”You don’t give a fvk about your own father, but here you are trying to be my own father/and everybody knows my father is dead”.

Vector further spreads his bullets at DJ Lambo, Blaq Bonez, then picking holes in Brymo and Milli’s career back at Chocolate City.

Listen to the song below and drop a comment.


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  1. Vector is a fucken joker, this is not a wise flow, even the bible talked about a man who gave folks talents and the bible said that the foolish one given the talent said boss I kept the talent because I know you’re a greedy man you like to sow where you did not reap but others made use of the talents and they were praised, even deuteronomy 8:18 said that remember the lord your God for it is he who gives you the ability to get wealth, and wealth is something you cannot carry, so you can help people at the same time use your ability which you produced to make more money wonder why lil Wayne recieved grammy award? He made sense by saying his money makes money and that nobody gon give you chances you have to make chances and that too much money ain’t enough money, he used his money to help them and he have the right to also get his money back after he helped them at least they get helped it’s better than the one who didnt help anyone, you’re like the farmer God talked about in the bible who stored foods and said that i will store up food for years and say to my soul enjoy and merry for you will have no need and God looked at him as a fool and laughed at him that you fool we are gonna take your soul away from you who is gonna enjoy all this stuffs you stored. if he made gain through them at least the people he helped made their gain also, he still helped them okay wande coal in mushin to mohits said that thank God for bringing dbanj and don jazzy to the place where he dey and didnt don jazzy made gain off him yes he did…and wande coal was still thank God through don jazzy he made it..Jesus said be merciful at least he was merciful at first by signing them jesus said whatever you do to your brothers you did to me at least he gave them a deal that made them money that will cloth them give them food, shelter and other things. And Jesus showed us his humility by his role, service he died for people even God allowed pastors to use his name to make money, He can do all that its biblical read your bible before dissing with the bible am a prophet and annointed i spoke to people it happened but i didnt ask God if you really passed Crk in school but probably am not sure it’s not malpractice if you pass read your bible mi did the right thing. I thought you were knowledgable but you know nothing. Am angry at this crap I thought you’re wise. Vector go use some sleeping pill sleep 3 times and think. Get rid of all this crap. You’re a small boy to mi he killed you with his generosity which is biblical. God gat him. A dude A-3 you dissed reminince 5together even did not support you in this mi diss. He came out and embarrassed you that you have no love, cos Love gives John3:16. And bible said love your neighbour as yourself am fully persuaded God is through mi for you to help people. Respect to Mi. You’re truly Gods child. The black jesus our generation needs.

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