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US-based Akwa Ibomites, Lagosians Visit Uyo after watching Bobby Friga’s music Video


Gospel singer Bobby Friga is still getting great feedback and testimonies from far and near after the release of his ‘I Am Akwa Ibom’ music video. The ‘Ameyaiya’ crooner on September 9, 2019, had released the visuals for the song ‘I am Akwa Ibom’ on YouTube, with the objective to celebrate the state and its creative people as his own way of marking the State’s 2019 anniversary.

Shortly after this, he had a call from a longtime friend in Nigeria and another woman all the way from the United States of America, asking if what they saw in the video is the true state of Akwa Ibom.

“I first had a call from a longtime friend and he asked me if what he saw in the video is the true state of Akwa Ibom and I said yes. Finally, he said if what I see in the video is truly how Akwa Ibom looks like, himself and his team would have to change their initial plans but come for Christmas holiday in the State.”


For the US-based family, a woman contacted Bobby Friga online saying she has never visited Akwa Ibom for over 43years after her parents took her away from the State when she was just a few weeks old.

“I just watch your video ‘I Am Akwa Ibom’ and it gives me the joy to tell the world, yeah this is my city but I want to know if this how Akwa Ibom looks like. Is Akwa Ibom this beautiful with all these sites, bridges, street lights, roads and the people?” she stated.

“I always thought Akwa Ibom is a thick village with primitive people because of what we see in African magic movies, the wicked maiden, wives, chiefs and the bad stories we heard about the place and the people. But if you say this is how the city looks like then we have to change our holiday visit from Dubai to Akwa Ibom”, she added.


However, 27 young entrepreneurs came in convoy arrived Akwa Ibom from Lagos and Rivers States led by his longtime friend, while the family of 8 came down from the US also touched down the State too. They stayed for about a week and visited various notable places across the state during the festive period. It was an awesome experience for them at some point they never wanted to leave as planned but extended their stay.

“They all enjoyed their stay and promised to come back with more groups. One of them from the group in Nigeria even talked about establishing his business in the State. For the US family, they recommended other families from Kenya, Senegal and other African-Americans based in the US.”

Bobby’s contact has since been shared with 3 other families who have indicated interest to also visit Akwa Ibom in their next holiday.


Written by Prince Simeon

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