Unwana Umana Talks ‘Why Everyone Should be a Feminist’ on Episode 9 of Lemmon Podcast

Conversations on feminism has resurfaced in the Nigerian social media space in recent times. One reoccurring name is Chimamanda Adichie, a celebrated and award winning writer and advocate of feminism.

To discuss this, Unwana Umana, a Lawyer, Writer and Business Consultant who is an ardent feminist spoke with Sampson Malachy on Why everyone – Male and Female should be a feminist on Episode 9 of the Lemmon Podcast.

Umana expressed his opinions on the show with some honest garnished passion.  On Women being the future He said “Women are not the future, they are the now…” on Equality he explained “I don’t know why people are scared of women being at their level… Someday we will recognize the fact that women are human beings, not people’s wives, not people daughters’, not people’s sisters…they are just human beings…”.

On cultural differences as it affects feminism he hinted, “Feminism in America can be different from Feminism in Nigeria…”

The podcast was recorded in ‘Nigerian English’ and the Audio was edited by Ekemini Joseph.

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Written by Prince Simeon

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