Unmasking Director Hive; The Brain behind Danny P’s ‘This Is Akwa Ibom’ Video

There has been various versions to Childish Gambino‘s social consciousness song #ThisIsAmerica. One of such is #ThisIsAkwaIbom by singer and producer Danny P who decided to lend his vocal chords dropping some rap bars to join Nigerian rapper and actor,Falz  who also created #ThisIsNigeria to outline some major social issues in the country.

Like every other version, #ThisIsAkwaIbom also had its visuals to really drive home the message it carried to the people of the State. Although short, it was well delivered and thanks to Director Hive who is basically a newbie to the video directing scene, but showing a lot of potentials.

Before venturing into video directing and even editing, Director Hive is known in the music scene as Ely Bede a.k.a the ‘High Priest’, a song writer and recording artiste. He is responsible for the rave making “Hands Down” single on the airwaves.

His love for the motion pictures has seen him venture into the new career path, video directing and editing.

It began when he got a job at Nectar Studios and as manager, he became conversant with various video production equipment and slowly began knowing how to use them. That didn’t take long before his spark for shooting and directing videos started. “Funny as it sounds and before this time(shooting #ThisIsAkwaIbom), I was shooting and editing a whole lot of videos in my head (lol), if I like your audio content then you sure do have a video in my head already. So in summary I’d say it’s Passion”, Hive says about starting a career in video production.

“It all begins with imaginations, and then you bring in creativity! Also, you find yourself anxious and curious, the feelings that drives a visual expression. The biggest challenge was finding someone who had faith, so I started practicing with myself, Danny P came along and then the list suddenly becomes endless”, he adds.

Behind The Scene photo from the shoot of Danny P’s ‘This Is Akwa Ibom’

About Scripting and shooting ‘This Is Akwa Ibom’ video, Hive said “after listening to the audio, the intent was clear, the challenge was staying within budget, telling the story and also keeping the objectives positive, it took a few days (maybe 3) to digest the script and get our cast ready, then it was a 20-30 minutes shoot. We made two takes and that was it, editing was done within 12hours and we had our video ready.”

“Staying within a tight budget, almost zero, plus finding a suitable location and getting clearance to use it. These things and more stalled our plans for hours. We came across a lot of pessimisms too but at the end, positive energy won and we achieved what we did”, Hive shares the challenges of shooting the video.

A scene from the music video

Asides the lyrical content of ‘This Is Akwa Ibom’, the video has received lots of great reviews and over 100,000 views on Youtube.

Like Director Hive said earlier, that the list of videos on his desk is becoming endless, as three new music videos will be released on or before the end of this year, all directed by him.

Watch out for this new sensation who will become a force to reckon with and a household name in music video productions in the next couple of years

Written by Prince Simeon

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