UniLag Students Complain Over Online Learning Portal


Students of the University of Lagos, Lagos State are having a hard time with the institution’s online portal learning and examination.

This is as a result of the university’s server being too slow to handle the heavy traffic and logging them into the portal’s, causing some of them to miss their tests.

This was confirmed in a trending hashtag on Twitter #SayNoToUnilagOnlineExam by the students of the University of Lagos, as they also said they should be an upgrade in the server or physical test’s and examinations should be conducted while observing the Covid19 protocols because of the many hassles and frustrations that came with conducting these tests online.

Online learning became a necessity for universities across Nigeria in other to continue with education following the federal government’s Covid-19 guidelines that must be observed.

Inasmuch as this is a new phase in the education system, not many universities and students are able to adjust to this development as it involves lots of finances in terms of facilities, maintenance and data.



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