Uche Umana kick-starts Salon 360 Master Class across Nigeria


Uche Umana, Trichologist, Salon Business Consultant and the Lead Trainer at Say U Hair Academy has kick-started her Salon 360 Master Class tour across Nigeria.

For over sixteen years (16), the Educator and Colourist have worked as a human resources manager, Business Development Officer, General Manager. Those experiences were garnered across different sectors such as Finance, oil & Gas, Hospitality, Human Resources, Consulting & Marketing. In the course of these jobs and on a personal capacity, Uche has trained and acquired some certifications from CIPS-UK, HSE, NIM, EDC, IAT, as a Certified Hair Practitioner, Brand Educator & Manufacturer Trainer.

All this she has channelled to her love for Hair into becoming the first to provide a business support system for people in Salon business (Barbering, Nail, Spa Weave, Wig and Hair). She has championed the education and professionalism in the Nigerian Industry and has also built a reputation for developing business strategies for SMEs.

She has been a trainer for over 10 years and has consulted for over 50 businesses and individuals. In the past 3 years, she has taught them to setup Hair & Salon businesses, Hire, cost their products and services, operate and run their businesses effectively without being present by setting up structures.

Salon 360 Masterclass is a disruptive event for Investors, Salon-Owners and Workers in the hair and lifestyle industry in Nigeria. The masterclass is poised to give a new direction for advancement and to build a new tribe in the industry that is driven with Tech and Apt Strategy. Uche Umana will be touring 4 cities in Nigeria this September – Port Harcourt 3rd – 4th, Lagos – 9th – 10, Ibadan 12th – 13th, Abuja 17th – 18th. The event is powered by Say U Hair Academy, Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON), Google and Facebook.

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