Ubong King, Mfon Ekpo, Fela Durotoye & Steve Harris, Jimi Tewe Sparks Minds in Uyo at F.R.E.E Conference

The Speakers and the Panelist at the event

It was indeed a moment that will not be forgotten in a hurry by Uyo residence who attended the 6th edition of F.R.E.E Conference as their minds got sparked for greatness. The event held at the Emerald Event Centre on Sunday, November 26, 2017 featured inspiring and thought provoking insights and lessons by some of Nigeria’s finest life-coaches and experienced business people.

F.R.E.E which is an acronym for ‘From Ensuring to Enjoying’ and ‘From Employers to Employees’ kicked off with a welcome address by the convener, Mr. Jimi Tewe who expressed delight for the large turnout by the attendees, stating that the objective of organising the event was to reposition minds to bring about a paradigm shift in the city of Uyo and Nigeria at large.

This was shortly followed by the first guest speaker, Steve Harris, a Life & Business Strategist shared tips on raising children as regards talent development, stating that from the ages of 0-10, those are the years parents should help nurture the talents of their children. Tiger Woods became an amateur champion at 18 because his dad trained him to play golf at a tender age.


Next was Ubong King, a Security expert, also referred to as ‘Trouble Maker’, shared the story about how his failures and he managed to climb the ladder of success, saying that he was driven by hunger to alleviate his condition and one was through his quest for knowledge. He added that some people have money, but are not improving on their minds and the only way to create the future is to create it. Concerning his formula for success, he said; “Copy and paste till you become. Study your competition. Do a research about those successful big brands all around the world, get their template, study it deeply and then go ahead to deploy”.


Mfon Ekpo, a staunch advocate of personal development gave insights into conditioning of the Mind, which she mentioned is a major setback for many. “There can only be a certain number of people in government and it is better you are there because of what you want to do and not because of what you want to get. We are in the knowledge economy and it rewards quality of thoughts, but doesn’t give you time to THINK and you can turn the tables on your conditioning”, she said.

Mfon Ekpo

The panel session which was hosted by Nike Awe, founder of The Complete Woman Network and CEO of Nikky’s Signature featured Somiari Jaja, Uche Umana, Aniekan Usoroh and Mmanti Umoh. They took turns to speak about their growing up, challenges and how they overcame them. They also answered questions from attendees.

Panel Session

Mr. Jimi Tewe returned on stage and spoke on the need for Akwa Ibom people to get involved in the development of the State, because the world is coming to it and will be known as the ‘Hub’ and as Akwa Ibom is the Land of Promise and it will see that Promise Fulfilled.

Fela Durotoye

It was then time for Fela Durotoye to come on stage, and he said “Your enemies are not a people, it is your mindset”. “Complaining is not a leadership skill and the person who is remembered is the problem solver”, he went further to add. Fela also stated that people have to be involved in developing the Nation not as positional leaders, but in their own capacity by doing things right and not waiting for the government.

F.R.E.E Conference returns next year and hopes to be better and more exciting. The Calabar & Uyo outing of the event was managed by PurplePatch Consults.

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