Tyler Perry to Bid his Hilarious ‘Madea’ Franchise Goodbye in 2019


Tyler Perry is taking off the makeup and wig once and for all to quit playing the grandma ‘Madea’ character!

The 49 year old Hollywood film director and actor revealed in an interview on Bevy Smith‘s SiriusXM show on Monday that he’s ready to “kill” off the hilarious grandmother character in 2019.

“I’m happy to kill that old bitch, I’m tired, man. I just don’t want to be her age, playing her” He said.

Don’t Fret, the filmmaker will do a farewell stage tour and 2019’s “Tyler Perry’s a Madea Family Funeral” to say goodbye to his iconic character but based on Perry’s admission, it may be the profane matriarch being laid to rest.”

We have come to fall in love with iconic tough elderly black grandmother ‘Madea’ American filmmaker and comedian Tyler Perry introduced to our television nearly 20 years ago. Since her inception in the year 2000, Madea has appeared in 11 of Perry’s 20 stage plays, 2 of his 8 television shows, and 12 of his 31 feature films.

The character – based on his own mother, aunt and Eddie Murphy’s performance in “Nutty Professor II: The Klumps” – has been the hardest-working character in Hollywood—appearing in dozens of films, TV shows, and theater productions. Her films alone have grossed over $500 million worldwide.



Written by Prince Simeon

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