Top Nigerian Tech Personalities Applaud Uyo’s Efforts in Software Development in Nigeria

Editi Effiong

The efforts made by software developers and other techies in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital isn’t going unnoticed by the general tech community in Nigeria.

Some of Nigeria’s top tech personalities have applauded their efforts, even referring the peaceful capital of Akwa Ibom as ‘the software developer capital of Nigeria’.

The conversation started with a tweet by Editi Effiong, founder at Anakle, a leading digital agency In Nigeria when he said:

“Been wondering how Uyo has become the software developer capital of Nigeria. What happened there? So many great devs coming out.”

Mark Essien, founder and CEO of Hotels.ng, dropped a comment saying:

“Advocacy. Multiple people pushing it from different angles + active hubs and support. Start pushing the narrative too and the wheel will continue spinning. Next will be to figure out how to not make many leave to Lagos.”


Ized Uanikhehi, a leading female Digital media guru in Nigeria also gave a nod to this with this tweet:

“Hanson @nextdeegit began this revolution and started a ripple wave effect.

It’s a community effort. I was taught to code by what? 5-6 people? Everybody has your time. They want to see you succeed.”

The Akwa Ibom tech community is indeed one of Nigeria’s fastest growing tech- ecosystem and this has been largely possible by the efforts of its two active Hubs; Start Innovation Hub and The Root Hub and other stakeholders. Over the years, they have churned out new crops of techies while collaborating with global tech giants which include Google, Facebook, IBM and even the Swedish Embassy in Nigeria.

Read some of the below comments found on the tweet thread attest to the success stories in Uyo:








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