The Business of Business: Simplicity is the New Cool

There are brands that I have known for years that have maintained their consistency over the period. What I observed about some of these brands is actually their simplicity.

I remember how simple some advertising messages used to be while growing up. I particularly remember UBA and Macleans toothpaste. Of course, there were others, but I can readily remember those two.

There was nothing spectacularly magical about these brands, but for the fact that they had messages that were simple, definitive and sticky!

St. Louis sugar remained a brand that captured and held spellbound many buyers. Was it that there were no other sugar brands at the time St. Louis held the mind spot of buyers?

Well, over the years I haven’t really noticed that one brand of sugar tastes different from or better than the other.

All I kept saying back then was sugar is sugar! But then, there are some sugar or product brands that have made a name away from their ‘generic definitions’ because of their simplicity.

Simplicity is a leverage.

While it is okay to have great ideas, great people, and some funding support, SIMPLICITY is a must-have value or orientation as you build your brand. There is a line that many enterprise or brand developers are conversant with: Keep It Simply Simple!

Let me add to it and introduce you to the golden kiss rule:  KEEP IT STRATEGICALLY SIMPLE.

Simplicity isn’t a weakness. Simplicity isn’t the lack of ideas or concepts, but is a strategic tool or decision to connect with the human mind at an intersection that fits expectations and outcomes.

Simplicity in product creation or service delivery is a strategy in itself.

From observation, I notice that when a system ‘appears’ too complex, people give up too easily on it.

Sometimes, one thinks that simplicity should be jettisoned for something more ‘flashy or catchy’ as we deem it. But we fail to understand that simplicity is even a higher level of design thinking in itself. Not everyone can think of things in their simple state.

Simplicity is a niche in itself!

As you build that dream product, service and movement, remember how powerful simplicity is: SIMPLICITY makes a brand, and CONSISTENCY impresses the brand in the minds of people.

Keep your idea, product design and service delivery among others strategically simple!

Simplicity is the new cool!


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