Tech for All! Meet Dr. Udo Ekpenyong, 85 Year Old Trainee at Root Hub’s Tech 101 ICT Training

“I’m not here to get a job, but to learn how to operate the smart device my daughter acquired for me, because it is too complicated”

His Eminence, Rt. Rev. Dr. Udo Ekpenyong

The use of technology is not only the young ones, but everyone considering that many activities cut across different works of live are carried out in today’s world is aided through it.

His Eminence, Rt. Rev. Dr. Udo Ekpenyong– the Prelate Emeritus of the Presbyterian church of Nigeria- in his late eighties (80’s), youthfully marched into the Tech101 training centre. As all eyes were fixed on him, he told the trainers that he heard about the announcement in church on Sunday and decided to attend.

Dr. Udo Ekpenyong further stated: “I’m not here to get a job, but to learn how to operate the smart device my daughter acquired for me, because it is too complicated”. I am usually saddened each time members of the men fellowship in church disseminate information via the WhatsApp platform of which I don’t belong to.” However, his expectation for Tech101 training was to change this narrative.

After the first session on computer literacy, Grandpa, with so much excitement and glow testified: “I just sent a text message to my daughter and called my wife. The phone isn’t too complicated”. According to him, “The ‘Jet-Age’ has come, but I am behind it and I want to go back to it. I’m only interested in the information technology offers”.

The retired Prelate further advised the youths, saying: “Be focused on what you want to do. ICT creates the path for white collar jobs. Robots are on the move, you shouldn’t let it control you, but control it. You can be anything with Technology”. Well, that’s true for the white-collar jobs. Before leaving, he concluded by giving a few words for the older generation: “Re-package yourself, be relevant and don’t stay redundant. Even if you have to pay for it, the knowledge you gain is more than the money you’ll spend. Be young at heart, even if you’re old in age”.

During one of the session of Tech 101 at The Root Hub

The trainers in their varieties guided this lucky few by educating and enlightening them more on technology, its uses and importance. The amazing thing is, one doesn’t have to be technologically inclined or computer literate to qualify for this free training.

Trainees are tutored from the basics and it is practical based. Come learn Web Development, Digital Marketing, Graphics design, SEO, UI/UX design and much more. With two sessions daily; Morning & Afternoon, there is no excuse for not attending.

Tech101 is targeted at those who are interested in knowing more about technology and its many benefits.

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Written by Prince Simeon

Goldenchyld is the Head Publicist and Blogger at Hypestation Nigeria. He has interest that cuts across lifestle, tech, music and other things that affect everyday living. Follow him on Twitter @goldenchylduno and @goldenchyld_ on Instagram


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