Tech Entrepreneur Udy Uche Scores High on his First Attempt at Music

Techpreneur turned music artiste, Udy Uche

When Udy Uche, a well-known tech entrepreneur in the city of uyo first announced his interest in music it felt like another Nigerian youth that’s always eager to try out new things whether he succeeds or not wouldn’t be his business but he just wants to do what he feels he can. Many have toed this path and failed woefully typical example being Genevieve and Jim Iyke just to mention a few.

These are successful people in  their fields with mass followership who happened to try music cause they felt it was good for them but it didn’t turn out well as the fans who had always loved their art didn’t waste any time in taunting them down when their music didn’t come out well.

The case of Udy Uche came with an announcement on social media with a follow up of those who have inspired his giving a try at Music. He mentioned “Travis Greene” SD his mentor but how would Udy Uche match or even try to go through this path. as “naive” as I was I never knew he had a good background in music and was even a choir director in church but this was my silly self again at work or perhaps my music critique head thinking how he would do gospel music as an already established “techprenuer” as he would prefer to be called.

Now I’m already looking forward to what a tall handsome successful jolly good fellow would put out. Make I see where e money miss road go land. This came with the announcement of the date of release with the supposed snippet which had guitar strings playing with some soft drums on it. Well, since they was no lyrics I wasn’t still bothered all I was interested was the music he promised us. After all gospel music is always received by bandwagon of Christians cause it either praises or worships God. I thought to myself maybe no wack record for a gospel music have been created before (why? Cause the Christendom wouldn’t forgive me if I called one gospel music wack) but I have had some gospel music I couldn’t relate to which I had to delete them from my device.

Udy Uche during his debut performance of ‘You Got Me Covered’

I am a Music lover and I understand that music is a universal language so I rock to any music even if I don’t understand the lyrics because of the language but I trust my ears to know good music when I hear one.

Udy Uche had announced the title of the song to be “You got me covered”. Yea, the title sounds good like another gospel record but my curiosity wouldn’t still allow me believe in him. He had given the time for release as 4pm.

I came back from church that fateful Sunday to news of Linda Ikeji’s pregnancy and that was how she took over the whole of Nigeria’s internet sphere at least for that day it felt like the whole country stood still because Linda Ikeji had announced she was pregnant. The question was to who? A celibate advocate was pregnant to an unknown baby daddy. This conversation almost made me forget I had a friend that I was itching to listen to his first attempt at music. I missed the release time but thanks to the numerous broadcast that reminded me at late night Udy Uche had put out his music.


I finally downloaded ‘You Got Me Covered’ from one of the links I found online. For whatever reason, I was so nervous, I hit the play button and there I was sitting, looking so astonished. I hit the play button again, and checked the artiste name just in case it wasn’t Udy Uche’s song I was listening to. The melody, lyrics and production blew my mind. I asked a friend on WhatsApp if this was his first time doing because I couldn’t believe how one man could be good at his first attempt.

I had never looked up on him asides his tech business, so I knew nothing about his background in music. By the time I replayed it the third time I was already singing along.  “you got me covered” had consumed the whole of me, I could relate deep considering the many times God had got me covered which some of them I neglected for reasons I felt I was entitled to them or I didn’t just care.

The tenor voice that sang out “you are so mindful of me, I’m saved by your love, retained by your grace, revived by your word, I’m safe in your arms. Your love for me is real”. Almost moved me to tears, this was a reminder of how faithful God has been to be not minding my short comings and my ungrateful self. This was the first time I heard a gospel song from an Akwa Ibomite that I couldn’t immediately identify he was from Akwa Ibom. The lyrics and the production was on another level I can now beat my chest to say in years’ time to come we would compete with the world best considering how gospel music is easily accepted amongst the Christendom. Its only Gospel music that doesn’t really have Language barrier and long as it’s about praising or worshiping God.

This is Udy Uche giving us a classic worship tune that pierced my heart, ripped me apart, moved me to tears, kept me praising God for all his goodness and made me crave for his presence forever. My subconscious mind never stops reminding me of “you got me covered” every time it feels like I’m about going through a tough time or find myself in a situation that I look hopeless.

I believe everybody needs this one tune in their lives. I have found a new favourite artiste and I can’t wait for him to roll out another project as I already know he wouldn’t disappoint. Meanwhile if you haven’t listened to it yet, please peep on it in any of your favourite platforms below…  Let’s sing along together next time we meet to celebrate the love of God.

I don’t know if I should say he made a good gamble with this one or he gave us a part of him we never knew. Whatever it was, he scored a good point and deserves a place in everyone’s playlist.


Written by Prince Simeon

Goldenchyld is the Head Publicist and Blogger at Hypestation Nigeria. He has interest that cuts across lifestle, tech, music and other things that affect everyday living. Follow him on Twitter @goldenchylduno and @goldenchyld_ on Instagram


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