Sammy Paparazzi’s Murder in Uyo; How It all Happened!

Sammy Paparazzi, Uyo photographer
Samuel ‘Paparazzi’ Ekerendu


The news of the demise of one of Uyo’s fast growing creative photographer/cinematographer, Samuel Ekerendu popularly referred to as Sammy Paparazzi took the Akwa Ibom Social media space yesterday by surprise, leaving many in shock and disbelief over the violent death of the vibrant young man.

Many from different quarters have said various versions about his death, pointing fingers at friends, cultism, his body being dumped on a hip of waste, to getting involved in a shady deal! Here is how it went down.

According to our findings from other occupants of the compound who were equally victims of the robbery attack, the heavily armed men numbered about 15. Their operations occurred during the early hours of Sunday, accessing the building through one side of the fence, using a bench from a nearby mechanic workshop, using big pliers to cut open the big padlocks used to lock the burglary gates of the numerous rooms and apartments, ransacking and carting away with valuables; phones, cash etc.

More so, it is also reported that Sammy had refused to hand over his Apple laptop, as one of the gunmen is said to have pleaded with him to let go off the device, except he wanted to be shot. He ignored the warning and threw the PC through his toilet window which got them aggravated, shooting him in the rib cage and his back, all at close range.

Several calls to reach officers of the Nigerian Police by surrounding neighbours didn’t yield positive result to thwart the activities of the robbers due to slow response time.

Efforts to save Sammy‘s life proved abortive as nieghbours later rushed him to the hospital, but was declared dead on arrival.









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