Popular Nigerian Comedienne Ada Jesus is Dead

Nigerian Comedienne popularly referred to as Ada Jesus has been confirmed dead after battling with kidney disease.

Confirming the news on Wednesday afternoon, Harrison Gwamnishu who led the group of Nigerians that carried Ada Jesus to the hospital posted on his Instagram account with the caption “Thank you everyone. Rest in Power Mercy Nmesoma Nnadi @adajesuscomedy.”

Ada Jesus aged 22, with real name Mercy Nmesoma Nnadi in an interview with BBC Igbo in February 2021, the Instagram sensation mentioned that she had been down with kidney disease and have battled it for almost a year.

“Since December, my body had swollen up especially; my stomach and my face. I cannot walk anymore because I do not have the strength to stand up. When I go to the hospital, the doctors keep telling me that I’ve got a kidney problem. They also mentioned that if there was money, they would willingly carry me to India, to go do the transplant.”

She went on to reveal that a lot of people had made handsome donations as at the time, almost enough to carry out the transplant.

On April 19th, videos had surfaced on social media showing a group of people gathered at the hospital where she was being treated to celebrate her birthday.

But before this time, reports had it that she was showing signs of tremendous improvement.


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