Police IGP Orders Investigation of Nollywood’s Rahama Sadau Over Risqué Photos


The Inspector General of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) has ordered an investigation of Rahama Sadau, an actress, filmmaker and founder of Sadau Beauty after she posted a series of photos exposing her body on social media.

The order was issued after Alhaji Lawal Mohammed, a human right activist sent a letter to the IGP claiming that Rahama had insulted the Prophet.

In the report, he said, “I wish to on behalf of all peace-loving Muslim Ummah request you to direct the investigation of the above complaint who was said to have posted some pictures of herself in social media. Her action attracted public outcry because her actions run contrary to the teaching of Islam and the general culture of the majority of people in the North. During the process of the debate by various users of the social media, some of them were said to have made comments that are considered injurious and blasphemous to the person of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW…”

In a letter, The Inspector General of Police immediately instructed the Kaduna State Commissioner of Police to “treat the matter proactively to ensure that the development does not result to any act that could threaten public peace and security”, assigned by DCP Idowu Owohunwa, Principal Staff Officer to the Inspector General of Police.

Although the actress made a video of herself crying and apologizing to Muslims and those who felt offended about her backless gown photos, she has not stopped receiving insults as it concerns her religious background and she is due to arrive in Kaduna, Nigeria with her Lawyers to defend herself on the allegation of blasphemy levelled against her.

Written by Prince Simeon

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