Paul Sylvester: When Creativity meets with Competency

Paul Sylvester

In our world today where political, religious and ethnic differences have grown so profound, and become so nasty, that we’ve lost sight of the things that matter. At this point, commendation will always set in when we run into competence and very creative civil servants like Comrade Emmanuel Eka of Akwa Ibom State Council for Art and Culture.


Comrade Eka as the Head of Fine and Applied Arts department, has not only transformed the department but the entire council through his numerous activities like the recently concluded International Children’s Day Celebration, where over ten schools participated. An event were visitors used that time to tour the exhibition stand. Truth be told, so many of them were amazed with what they saw which were all made in Akwa Ibom state council for Art and Culture.

Suffice it to say that in an African society like Akwa Ibom State, the place of fine art is quit symbolic with regards to preservation of cultural heritage. That said, it is equally distinctive to see an Akwa Ibom son shine in the area of fine art and Eka in this light, deserve great commendation for his kind of creativity being brought to bare.

Just like the historical Prof. Stella Idiong of blessed memory, a proud daughter of Akwa Ibom who broke record as the first female professor of art in Nigeria whom comrade Eka has drawn inspiration from. This is one man whose art works depict the height of innovation, beauty of the profession and passion for distinction. It is him who in less than two years in office, has redefined the essence of arts and crafts in the preservation of history. Again, Comrade Eka is another symbol of the ‘dakkada’ philosophy.

Lest we forget, while it is worthy to give commendation to who deserves, Eka in all sense, should not be excluded from the chart of distinctively performing public servants in this clime.

Fair enough, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism under the able watch of the honourable commissioner, Mr Victor Antai,  is organizing an art and culture festival tagged ‘Usoro Uso’, which on the long run will not only promote gifted hands like Comrade Eka,  but will discover great talents in the state. This also should be applauded. All in all, Akwa Ibom will rise again even as more ‘Ekas’ spring.

Comrade Eka can be reached with 07039650464. God bless Akwa Ibom State!


Paul Sylvester is a public affairs commentator. He writes in from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.


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