“Parenthood Isn’t Just a Mother’s Responsibility” – Sir James on #EmbracingFatherhood Series

Comedian Sir James and Family

One of Akwa Ibom’s finest entertainers, James Essien, popularly known as Sir James shares his experience into fatherhood on our #EmbracingFatherhood series.

For the award winning comic act, he believes that “Parenthood isn’t just a mother’s responsibility but also one which fathers must accept.”

Read his full story below:

The first night my beloved wife told me we were expecting a baby, I was shocked as I least believed I was an ‘expectant father’ in wait.

Few day later, my mother (a retired midwife) sent for me and alas, my wife’s pregnancy was the subject. At that moment I knew I was in for very serious business but under good motherly care and attention too. I also knew my wife was in good nursing hands too.

3 months into the pregnancy, my wife had become my complete baby and since we had no domestic help, she would send me on errands around the house. Most times this would really annoy me but looking at the smile it brougjht to her face, I felt encouraged to keep doing it, after all, she was my baby. And if I happened to be outside home for a long time, she would call and make it seem as though the baby was about to be birthed that very moment.

I will not forget the night to the delivery of my baby. I had sat out with friends, we had something to drink and I got home late about 1am, tipsy and worn out. All I could do was take a shower and jump into bed. It was about 3am when my wife tapped me and said,”ima- ima, please get dressed and take me to the hospital, I think baby I son the way.”

With the lingering tipsiness, I drove her to the hospital. I couldn’t help noticing the annoying attitude from the nurse on duty. She dragged the admission process even when she saw that my wife was in distressing pain. After an advance deposit was made, my wife was finally admitted.

I sat out awhile with my good friend, MC Spinosky still struggling with my tipsiness. I went with him to his place and by 7am I went back to the hospital. At 1pm, I was called into the consulting room for questionings. Few minutes later, the matron announced to me that my wife had just been delivered of a bouncing baby girl.

My wife was in a coma for hours and the responsibility of feeding my new baby girl was on my mother. It wasn’t an easy experience but it was fun all the way!

Daddy James takes a pose with his baby

My daughter is 2 years plus now. She runs to me anytime her mother want to give her some medication. She even refuses to let her mother feed her most of the times and so that responsibility falls on me. Even if I was dressed and ready to go out, I would have to wait behind and feed her first.

Daddy’s little angel, Abasiodiong

These days, after I have showered and gotten dressed, I would have to hide and sneak out because she now knows that ‘anytime one gets dressed, they must be going somewhere’. She has become daddy’s car key. She loves sitting and sleeping beside her daddy. I must sit with her in the parlour to enable mummy to fix things in the kitchen.

Parenthood isn’t just a mother’s responsibility but also one which fathers must accept.

I still tag along with those fatherly responsibilities. My daughter talks all the time and has so many questions to ask. Answering her isn’t stressful but enjoyable as I am happy she has me to answer all her inquisitive questions.

We are a happy family!

Written by Prince Simeon

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