Original James Bond Actor, Sir Connery Dies at the age of 90

Late Sir Sean Connery

Scottish born actor, Sir Thomas Sean Connery who was known for his blockbuster role as James Bond, and appeared in seven of the spy thriller movies has passed on at the age of 90.

According to his son, Sir Sean died in his sleep on Saturday 31st October 2020 while in the Bahamas and had been unwell for some time. Eon Productions, the film studio behind the James Bond films, confirmed the death and expressed their grief in a statement on its website.

“We are devastated by the news of the passing of Sean Connery,” read the statement from producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. “He was and shall always be remembered as the original James Bond whose indelible entrance into cinema history began when he announced those unforgettable words — ‘The name’s Bond… James Bond’ — he revolutionised the world with his gritty and witty portrayal of the sexy and charismatic secret agent. He is undoubtedly largely responsible for the success of the film series and we shall be forever grateful to him.”

Sean Connery in his hay days as James Bond

Sir Sean was born on Aug. 25, 1930, in Edinburgh to a mother, who toiled as a cleaning lady, and a father who plugged away in a factory, Connery seemed destined for a far less glamorous life than the one he would later enjoy as one of the most popular leading men of his generation. Indeed, after leaving school at 14, he drudged through several blue-collar jobs, from truck driver to milkman — the worst of which, he would later say, was polishing coffins — before discovering acting.

He will always be remembered for his acting career which spanned five decades, his numerous awards including an Oscar for 1987’s ‘Untouchables’, two bafta awards, three golden globes and many more. Some of his movies include; From Russia with love, The Rock, The Hill, Gold fingers etc he had starred in over fifty movies. Fans and well-wishers all over the world are mourning his demise.


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