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“Okon Lagos is entitled to His Decision” – Utang Akwa Ibom

Mr David Sergeant aka Utang Akwa Ibom

By Nelson Nseabasi

The Special Assistant to Akwa Ibom State Governor on Entertainment Industry, David Sergeant a.k.a Utang Akwa Ibom has stated that Bishop Imeh Umoh (Okon Lagos) is entitled to his political stand as a person, an actor or scribe of Governor Udom Emmanuel, especially as one drawn from the entertainment industry he represents.


He made the statement while reacting to the endorsement video by Ime Bishop Umoh aka Okon Lagos for the opponent of his boss which was released over the weekend and has since gone viral on social media.


Utang Akwa Ibom spoke on behalf of the entire Entertainment Industry in Akwa Ibom State, saying he is compelled to state clearly that the move by popular Nollywood star actor, a friend, brother and colleague, Ime Bishop Imeh (Okon Lagos) to shoot promo videos for the opponent of his boss, is a personal decision, just as that of other entertainers who were initially with us on the right path with Udom Emmanuel as Governor.


‘Yes, Ime Bishop may be judged for double standard, how else can you describe entering into negotiation and striking of a deal with the opponent of a boss whom you are on his payroll as Special Assistant on Ethics & Social Orientation ? Talk less of going as far as shooting the ‘endorsement/promo videos ‘ for the 2019 Gubernatorial ambition for one man in an opposition party ‘.


According to Utang Akwa Ibom ‘I will like to dissociate myself and the entire Entertainment Industry from such act of betrayal. And to reaffirm the stand of the over 9, 995 (nine thousand nine hundred and ninety five) entertainers who marched for Governor Udom Emmanuel in August 2018. That is excluding the UNIK Brodaz, Ice Kid and now Imeh Bishop Umoh – another Judas amongst us’.


‘The campaign song by Pasto Goody Goody says it all for us ‘ We stand with Udom’. And we will not be moved by whatever they are dangling before us to sell out our future. Come to think of it, their aspirant has not reflected the concern of the entertainment industry in his manifesto’, Utang said.

Written by Prince Simeon

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  1. I spent a few minutes studying and checking the facts. Everything is crystal clear and understandable.

    This one is of this type. Moreover, I like the way the author organized his
    ideas in addition to the visual component.

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