Official Closing Ceremony for Hotels.ng Internship Program Hold Tomorrow in Uyo

The interns during one of the training sessions.

After 4 months of intensive learning; coding and softwares development, the Hotels.ng internship program that commenced early September this year will come to an end tomorrow 16th November 2017.

The program which was organized to groom talents and new developers, hence expanding tech community in Akwa Ibom State and the digital workforce across the country, plus meet up international best practices.

During the take-off of the programme, 2050 young people inducted from Akwa Ibom and after the third week into the internship program, some participants could not measure with the skills set required to get to the final stage, remaining 100 successful trainees.

The internship program was in partnership with the Akwa Ibom State government through the Ministry of Science and Technology. Trainees were provided with monthly stipends and free internet to aide them carryout their various class work and weekly assigned tasks.

The official closing ceremony is due to hold at the auditorium, Ibom e-Library, IBB Avenue by 10.00am.


Written by Prince Simeon

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