OAP Drags Akwa Ibom Governor over Sending SSG to Console Ibeno Fire Ravaged Community

Rose Akai aka Rozay

A radio OAP and broadcaster with Comfort 95.1 FM, Uyo, popularly known as Rozay has expressed her displeasure towards the Governor of Akwa Ibom, Mr. Udom Emmanuel over sending his SSG to console the fire-ravaged community of Ibeno in the State.

On 31st December 2019, Iwuokpom fishing community of Ibeno, home to the Exxon Mobil Terminal woke up to the news of the fire disaster, with houses and properties worth millions of Naira destroyed by the inferno.

The Governor represented by the Secretary to the State Government, Dr. Emmanuel Ekuwem, visited the community to console them over the unfortunate incident, an effort the Broadcaster, Rose Akai disagrees with.

Rozay on Twitter stated that Mr. Udom Emmanuel should have visited the community by himself rather than send a representative. She also cited the inferno of an Oyo State market where Governor Seyi Makinde visited himself. “I honestly think leadership requires empathy. There are just cases you should show up yourself”, she said.

Her tweets reads:


That was a perfect opportunity to show the people of Ibeno that @aksgovt cares for them. I strongly believe that if this happened during the election campaign the Governor would have visited himself.

Let’s not also forget that Ibeno has been crying for more development.

@MrUdomEmmanuel we aren’t asking for too much, or are we? Your presence at Ibeno will make the people feel loved and cared for.

The little things really matter.


Her tweet got the attention of a few Akwa Ibom persons on the micro-blogging app including the Special Assistant to the governor on Public Affairs, Sir Raphael Edem and this conversation ensued:



Rozay: I believe it is, sometimes. I think that he can make some of these visits personally especially when it has to do with these kinds of disasters. It doesn’t take much from him.

Raphael Edem: Gov @MrUdomEmmanuel has made some of these visits personally before. The last was after the heavy rains that left some places flooded. I was on that visit also and the pictures were all over the place. Like I said earlier, he was not in the state, so he sent the SSG to Ibeno!

Rozay: Good. However, when he returns, it will not be bad for him to personally visit Ibeno again.

Raphael Edem: Anyday you stand in for an absent colleague and host his/her radio show, the person should present that same edition again when he returns abi?

Rozay: Comparing a radio show to a fire outbreak where people lost their homes and livelihood? Wehdone Sir👏👏

Raphael Edem: But you can compare the reaction of a Governor who was IN TOWN during an incident and could visit the scene IN GOOD TIME to that of another one who was OUT OF TOWN and promptly sent a delegation led by the SSG so that you can appear to be on a moral high ground? Seriously?

Rozay: You work for the government, so it’s okay to defend your Boss. I will do same If I were in your shoes. No hard feelings.

Raphael Edem: Of course I have to defend the Government I work for, and my boss for that matter. Criticism is welcome, especially when it is constructive. But you see this one? E no follow! Good morning my dear @rozirozay.

Rozay: Not surprised. No criticism is constructive by your party. It’s understandable.

Raphael Edem: On this issue, it is practically impossible for you to be objective for obvious reasons. This discussion isn’t along partisan lines. When that comes up, your opinion will be sought.

I’m not speaking for the party. And this has nothing to do with the party. I respond to constructive criticism. But even you know that this one doesn’t fall into that category?

Rozay: You say it isn’t, I say it is. We can’t see eye to eye on this.

Raphael Edem: Criticism is cheap my dear. Anyone and everyone can engage in it. Leadership and service on the other hand requires a bit more rigour. Beyond trying to score points, I’m sure you know that my explanation on this issue makes a lot of sense and should have ended this gist.


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