Nigerian Man calls Keke Rider ‘My Hero’ for returning his iPhone

Adeoluwa Billions takes a selfie with his ‘hero’

A young Nigerian man, Adeoluwa Billions has expressed his gratefulness to a tricycle (Keke) rider, referring to him as his hero for returning his iPhone, an act he considers to be ‘labour of love’ towards him.

According to Adeoluwa, he had hurriedly alighted from the Keke and forgot his iPhone, only to realise this 30 minutes after that the phone was gone.

“I froze and then I called and he picked, he found me and returned it. I first did idobale and walked away, I came back and forced a cash gift on him”, as he shares his story on micro-blogging app, Twitter.


He continues; “Then after waking away the third time cus I was too dazed by his integrity and kindness I ran back to him again and took this selfie so I can show the world, my hero. Thank you, sir, for your labour of love.”


This continues to show that there exist men of integrity despite their economic condition would not engage in shady acts of taking what doesn’t belong to them.

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