“Natural Hair is the Most Beautiful Hair!” Actress Elenora Amah Gushes on #Naturalista

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Elenora Amah Paul

Hair/Skincare model, actor, and entrepreneur, Elenora Amah Paul is enthusiastic when it comes to rocking the natural hair.

Her goal is to own the fullest and longest Afro in a few years’ time, though this comes with mixed feeling sometimes. “It is truly hard when it comes to maintaining natural hair and there are days when I just want to chop it all off due to the stress of maintaining it”, she states.

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HN: Why natural hair?

Elenora Amah: Natural hair because I had relaxed hair for over three years and dreaded the heat and burns sustained from relaxing my hair. So one day I said no more. I stood in front of the mirror and chopped off my relaxed hair.


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HN: Looking at how long and hard it is to maintain natural hair, what motivates you to keep going with the decision?

Elenora Amah: It is truly hard when it comes to maintaining natural hair and yes, there are days when I just want to chop it all off due to the stress of maintaining it… But then I remember chopping it off means sooner than later I have to go through the stress of growing it again over and over again, secondly, when I went natural I set a goal for myself that I’d have the fullest and longest afro in a few years’ time. I haven’t reached that goal yet and quitting is not something I am good at… Especially when a goal is at stake.


HN: Natural hair care Routine

Elenora Amah: My natural hair care routine is quite simple, I shampoo and deep condition at most, every two weeks. Then I put the hair into a protective style, either I twist or I pack into a puff or braid etc. Then I generously apply Grow and Glow by El Hair Growth and Repair Wonder Oil daily.


HN: Are there any special products for natural hair? If yes what are they?

Elenora Amah: Yes there are special products for natural hair, it took me months if not up to a year of trial and error to figure out which ones worked for me and which ones didn’t. I got many products that were recommended by other natural haired persons but they didn’t quite work with my 4C type hair. I’ll always recommend @GrowandGlowbyEl hair growth and repair wonder oil which has been my go to hair growth oil and repair oil., because it contains over 10 oils and 10 herbs which means I don’t have to worry about Castor oil, coconut oil and the likes. Then ORS olive oil shampoo and conditioner, Kantu curl activator, Olive oil Hair Moisturizer etc. These are my go to handy natural hair care products among many others.


HN: Would you advice a friend to go natural? And what would be your reasons?

Elenora Amah: I’ll definitely advice everyone and not just a friend to go natural because if I knew I could grow my natural hair earlier enough, I would never have let relaxers or any such chemicals near my hair in the first place. Secondly, Natural hair is the most beautiful hair there is, and we have to let the world see that through the way we rock ours.


HN: How does natural hair influence your personality?

Elenora Amah: My Natural hair influences my personality in so many ways, it has become a sort of identity for me and has further projected my authentic personality ahead of my voicing out.


HN: How long have you been keeping it?

Elenora Amah: I have been keeping my natural hair for two years and 5 months now.

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HN: Health or hygiene hazards involved in growing Natural Hair

Elenora Amah: There are no health hazards of any kind involved in growing natural hair, neither are there any hygiene hazard, however hair requires special care and when you don’t take care of your hair you expose your scalp to infections like dandruffs, Lice and the likes and you also expose your hair to shredding and breaking


HN: Biggest natural hair challenge

Elenora Amah: The biggest challenge when it comes to natural hair has to be the detangling and combing. It’s next to a sec in hell… Loool. However, with hair moisturizers, oil and deep conditioning it shouldn’t be so painful.


HN: Advice to people out there growing their natural hair

Elenora Amah: Keep it going! You can do this and yes! You are inspiring so many people you are unaware of. So keep rocking your natural hair and when it gets tough, and all you can think of is chopping it off…here is what I do, I opt in for a spectacular natural hair makeover and the new look will definitely reinsure you.


Written by Prince Simeon

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