#MyStyleFile: “I Wouldn’t Wear Any Feminine Colours That’ll Take My Masculinity Away” – Eyo Eminue


If you’re an MTN Project Fame fan, then you must remember Eyo Eminue, the Second Runner Up from season 3. Ever since then, the stylish gentleman has not failed in churning out his good fashion sense outfit after outfit. Over the weekend, the Akwa Ibom fine boy opened up on his fashion side with Hypestation Nigeria‘s fashion personality feature – #MyStyleFile.



Hypestation: What you’d never be caught wearing.

Eyo: Well… Of late, I’ve seen a trend of guys ‘coming out’ saying they love dressing in female clothes and putting on make-up. This beats my imagination. I’m a full-fledged alpha- male and anything that’ll change that is a no-no. No female clothes-NEVER. Unless of course I was caught up in a drama… Lol

More so, I’m not a fan of yellow plated gold so I would never buy or wear any jewelry that’s played in yellow. I don’t wear necklaces either.


Hypestation: Who is your style icon.

Eyo: Let’s say I have a few. I really love the way Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs looks in suits. Very elegant and ‘manly’ (a friend of mine adds ‘beautiful’ & I agree 😆). If Diddy could only let me have some of those suits…

I also follow Richard Mofe Damijo on Instagram because I like to see how he adorns those traditional attires that make him fit to be President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria (that is if elections were won by pictures 😆) and even though I love his casuals as well, the last individuals that cut it for me when it comes to casuals- Pharrell Williams & Kanye West! Need I say more about this? I don’t think so… Their fashion sense and statements make up antecedents that need no introduction. So unrivaled.


Hypestation: What is your typical outfit?

Eyo: Hmmm… Typical isn’t fair here as it would limit me. But then again, I dress according to occasions. I have no typical outfits. I put on nice fitted suits for formal events; I also dress down sometimes (semi corporate/casual). If I were to attend a friends (bone man) traditional marriage, there’d be no compromise: I go for the typical ‘White shirt, Ofong Isin, Iyira and Essang- walking- stick (I hope those are the correct spellings 😄). When I head to where I work, I like convenience but also I like to look smart… I probably have a nice shirt on, Chinos/Jeans/pants and my shoes & belt to match with a nice silver plated wristwatch.


Hypestation: Outfit on your wish list.

Eyo: Kai fa… The list is long. Make we leave am. Because if you take a close look at the Instagram pages if all my style icons, your wish list is bound to be endless as well.


Hypestation: Worst style moment

Eyo: Hmm… On a Sunday where I had to lead the choir in praise and worship, I had gained a couple of pounds which made my well fitted suits become really tight and uncomfortable but I decided to just manage it. About to mount the podium and I hear ‘kraaaaaack’- my zipper had given way and obviously so too. I had to appeal to someone to stand in for me while I hid behind as I wasn’t allowed to leave. A very embarrassing day it was for me.


Hypestation: Describe your style *minimalist *risk taker *classic.

Eyo: Simply put… A nice striped/ chequered shirt, jeans, silver striped wristwatch (I don’t like plated or yellow gold), black/ brown belt and black/ brown casual shoes with either a Ferragamo or Hugo Boss perfume.


Hypestation: Fashion accessory you can’t do without.

Eyo: A matching belt and pair of shoes and a lovely scented perfume😉


Hypestation: Dream fashion shopping destination

Eyo: I would really love to wear English-tailored suits and most definitely I would love to shop at a Hugo Boss or Moss Bros shop in the UK or France.


Hypestation: What’s your definition of style?

Eyo: Style portrays attitude, class, swagger, finesse and above all style depicts status.


Hypestation: 10. Best colour.

Eyo: I’m a member of the ‘blue army’ but anything bright and nice is cool too but I wouldn’t wear any feminine colours that’ll take my masculinity away. I was born a man, I love being a man and will stay a man till I transit the world… Only masculine colours! 😐


Photo Credit: Instagram


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