Music Writer, Joey Akan Shares Thoughts into ongoing Duncan Mighty, Wizkid Debate

There has been this back and forth debate on the Twitter Nigeria space over the just released raving “Fake Love” single, by Port-Harcourt’s self-acclaimed ‘first son’, Duncan Mighty featuring Wizkid.

For many, they say that Duncan Mighty’s music career was failing, hence he featured one of Africa’s biggest pop kid and music export Wizkid was all Duncan needed for a revival.

Not all agree to this train of thought and beg to differ. One of these is award-winning music writer and critique, Joey Akan, formerly with Pulse Nigeria, but recently moved to Universal Music Nigeria.

Joey had earlier stated that in a tweet asking a rhetoric, “can’t you see that Duncan Mighty blew that song up?”


He adds more insight into the debate and shared his thoughts about Duncan’s musical talent and even referred to him as a legend. Read his tweets below:


First to say Duncan Mighty was revived by Wizkid isn’t just unfair, it is a big lie, and very disrespectful. But I understand. People who didn’t know the joys of good music, will talk trash. Wiz and Duncan no be mate.

Here’s some insider gist: Duncan Mighty was dragged to Lagos again by Davido and Tekno, who wanted to get some of that juice last year. You see ‘If’ and ‘Fall’? Those records were heavily influenced by Duncan Mighty. He is a legend.

Prior to this, Duncan Mighty had understood that this music thing isn’t the final stop. Business was his game. That’s why his construction firm is popping heavy! And his TV station is 90% complete in Port Harcourt. It will be on DSTV. Duncan Mighty came to Lagos cos of David.

He recorded two songs with Tekno, another with Davido and then a few others. In February, he was meant to drop one with Tekno, but shelved it due to some work in the South. And then Wizkid dropped his first.

Last time I was with Duncan, (pre-fake love) I spent two hours, with him, and in that time, 6 of your fave A-listers were on his case, begging for some sauce! He had to run from me because he was under pressure to finish off a record. Some of those songs are almost out.

You can argue that Wizkid’s own blew first because he released his first. If he had dropped the others before this, who would have known? And look at that record? Both Melody and writing were all from Duncan’s playbook.  He does that in his sleep!

As usual, your music industry is all about trends. If e work for one person, the others will try to tap into that blessing. Duncan’s blessing is what he is distributing across the industry now, with many people begging for some piece of this magic.

Last last, music is hard, and super saturated. And if people find a winning formula, they want to jump on it, and grab their share. Also have you wondered why everyone is rushing him? Have you seen him in the studio working? It is marvellous! Super!

Duncan blew that record, with his work, and for those of you who date disrespect him with this nonsense commentary, I don’t blame you people. Na small pikin dey worry we plenty of you. The rest are in Wizkid’s A-hole. So continue. Shouts to ‘Fake love.’ I’m glad it came first!

Written by Prince Simeon

Goldenchyld is the Head Publicist and Blogger at Hypestation Nigeria. He has interest that cuts across lifestle, tech, music and other things that affect everyday living. Follow him on Twitter @goldenchylduno and @goldenchyld_ on Instagram


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