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Music: Mr Eazi, Breaking Boundaries with Music Business

mr eazi

Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade is a mechanical engineer and entrepreneur who happened to try music as a part time thing but fell for it as a full time career, at least for now.  The Nigerian Ghana based artiste had his first degree and Msc in Ghana before trying out music which has heavy influence from the Ghanaian sound.


Mr Eazi is no more new in the Nigerian music scene since his break out last year. He kept us glued to our screens with his numerous singles which were already mega hits in Ghana and Uk which he always says is where he has his biggest international fan base.


The radios, clubs and pubs were all buzzing with his songs giving us a break from the everyday sound we already had. His music being a fusion of soul and afrobeats penetrated the Nigerian market and other parts of the world so easily and his fan base grew so fast in a short period of time giving him “An international artiste” tag.


He has two body of works to his credit being “About to blow mixtape” in 2013 and “Accra to Lagos” Mixtape being the most recent which he released few weeks ago.  The brilliant artiste is already bringing his business and tech brain into his music, taking up every opportunity that comes his way. This is not common with artistes as very few see beyond just recording of music leaving the rest to their manager which may not be that efficient in handling of businesses asides booking of gigs. Only few people understand that music is like a truck, it carries everything it can when on the move.


With the release of Accra to Lagos mixtape the artiste has shown he had a perfect plan for his mixtape. Here we highlight some of the strategies he deployed in his promotions.


  1. He first made it exclusive on Apple music and itunes for preorder before the date of release and it gathered a solid two hundred thousand pre-orders before the release date and also kept it exclusive on his platform for the first week of release. His target here wasn’t for his fans in Nigeria but for those outside Africa as this medium is the best way he can reach them in sales.


  1. Use of billboards and buses: He is already pushing for promotions like it is an album. I can’t remember the last time I saw a Nigerian artiste go this far with publicity. Branded buses plying the Lagos to Accra and vise versa route gives passengers a feel of the mixtape spirit, BRT buses in Lagos also the London metropolitan buses are also being branded with the mixtape ads. Airport adverts are almost in all terminals. His turnovers are already proving the ads are getting peoples consciousness about the mixtape.


  1. Worldwide tour: Mr Eazi is on course, with just this mixtape out he rolled out plans to tour the world tagged “Detty World Tour” with over 70 cities and 50 universities. He just recently announced that more cities has been added to the list meaning he has a more than busy calendar year already as the tour has already kicked off.


  1. He is merging his tech business with music as he plans to launch some tech products, visit Google HQ and some amazing things he said he won’t reveal yet. Why won’t he brag about not needing an endorsement deal from the cooperates like telecoms when to a lot of artiste out there it did be a dream come true. He is out for strategic partnerships that would have mutual benefits between him and the cooperates like Life is Eazi CRBT bundles instead of endorsement. Isn’t that smart enough?


  1. Acoustic Album; the reception of the mixtape from fans has been so amazing as people keep reaching out to him on tracks they love most and he is already making plans for the acoustic version of the album due to demands from fans.


  1. He approached the pirates in alaba market and sold to them franchise to duplicate and sell his mixtape. Some would say it’s a wrong move but in those CDs he already sold advert spaces in them meaning he has made enough money from the ads and the ads would travel far and wide as the CD travels. Ofcourse who wouldn’t want to take advantage to advertise with such a marketing strategy?


  1. Merchandising is one thing most artiste down here fail to take advantage of and he isn’t leaving any stone unturned as he has plans already to sell his signature hats at his tour venues with the gold chief necklace, t-shirts and face caps. He is selling culture with merchandise as he goes on tour as over six thousand hats, T-shirts and and local necklace will be on sale at Tour venues.


  1. He consistently engages his fans on social media by interacting with them on a regular basis and keeps sharing pictures of his tours.


These strategies have shown that he is not an average artiste when it comes to merging business with music and his team and zeal have proven that an artiste can break out this big without a record label or album. Like he loves saying it’s 100% grace and 0% work and “it’s a God given wave”.  He is truly a pacesetter and its an eye opener to other artistes as they might want to understudy him when working on projects.


Written by kealdy Iboko

Kealdy Iboko, a budding writer, music critic, DeheadsUp Podcast Producer and believer of Christ. Contact: kealdy001@gmail.com, sms +2348112083988


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