Mkpat Enin Political Leadership Tussle: Mischief Taken Too Far

In view of the recent controversies surrounding the political leadership tussle in our dear Local Government Area, Mkpat Enin, it has become necessary to state the following so as to set the facts straight. ‎

‎On Sunday, the 10th day of April 2016, our Principal, Mr. Eric Ekwere alongside other stakeholders of Mkpat Enin LGA attended a meeting of stakeholders of the area at Venus Hotel, Shelter Afrique in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital.

The meeting also had in attendance two representatives from the state in the persons of Professor Etie Ben and Dr. Emmanuel Umanah. These two personalities are of proven integrity and will ‎not want to drag their names in the mud as some politicians will do.

For the avoidance of doubt, we want to state here categorically that Mr. Eric Ekwere DID NOT (with emphasis) participate in any voting process neither did Mr. Eric Ekwere nominate Dr. Sydney Udofot as the political leader of Mkpat Enin as reported by Hon. Engr. Otobong Ndem’s media assistant, Edidiong Udobia.

The said meeting ended in a stalemate as no agreement was reached by both parties on who to take over the political leadership position from Chief Richard Umoren.

Chief Richard Umoren has been the political leader of the area since 2004 and he is still alive why then will some members of the area want to take the respected elder on a drive into a frenzy?‎

We call on the House of Assembly member, Engr. Otobong Ndem to call his media assistant, Edidiong Udobia to order and advice him to take down Mr. Eric Ekwere’s name from his latest report on the issue titled ” A REPORT ON THE EMERGENCE OF DR. SYDNEY UDOFOT AS THE POLITICAL LEADER OF MKPAT ENIN LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA AT THE MEETING OF MKPAT ENIN ELDERS/STAKHOLDERS FORUM ON SUNDAY, 10TH APRIL, 2016″ and posted on www.accessnewspaper.com as well as his (Edidiong Udobia) facebook page as this does not reflect the true picture of what transpired in the meeting.

‎Good and fine the attendance list of participants in the meeting was also published by Edidiong Udobia and his name (Edidiong Udobia) is not on the list. How then is he reporting as if he was in the meeting if not that someone is trying to be funny somewhere?

It is expected that after a meeting of such, a press conference should have been appropriate in order to show transparency, progress and togetherness but till date, nothing of such has held anywhere due to the fact that the meeting ended in a stalemate.

‎We commend His Excellency, Mr. Udom Emmanuel on his efforts at ensuring that Mkpat Enin remains peaceful so as to allow for the smooth running of his development programmes in the area and we call on all sons and daughters to join hands with the Governor in developing the area and also key into the philosophy of Dakkada.‎

We want to also applaud the sterling qualities of our representative in the State House of Assembly, Engr. Otobong Ndem in the discharge of his legislative responsibilities barely nine (9) months in office. ‎

‎It is hoped that with this position, Mr. Eric Ekwere has been completely absolved from the lies published by Edidiong Udobia, the media assistant of the Member Representing Mkpat Enin in the State House of Assembly.‎



Eric Ekwere Media Directorate

Mkpat Enin LGA‎

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