Meet Idara Moses, the Programmer using a Smartphone to build ‘Iko Ibom’, a Game for Teaching People Ibibio Language

Idara Moses

The Nigerian technological ecosystem continues to show growth potentials in the sector as budding young talents spring up on a daily with lofty ideas that contribute to making everyday life easy, including learning a new language.

One of such budding tech talent is Idara Moses, a programmer interning at headquarters of The RootHub Accelerator Systems in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital. He is behind the ‘Iko Ibom’, a game helping people learn the Ibibio language.

About the application, Idara the graduate of Accounting from the University of Uyo, in Akwa Ibom State, says ‘Iko Ibom’ is a word game that contains only Ibibio words, where you test your ability in speaking and spelling Ibibio words correctly.

“It is suitable for both children and adult because I ensure I did not use any abusive word in the game. You could also learn Ibibio from the app.”

One fascinating thing about the game is that it was programmed the game with the use of a mobile phone. He started programming the game December 2019, and finished off in March this year, but has been making updating the app ever since.

Idara working on his ‘Iko Ibom’ game app from the backend using a tablet device.



Idara’s major inspiration behind the development of the game was because he wanted to become proficient in Ibibio and having fun at the same time. Also, make his contribution to those that can speak our language and those who cannot speak it both as indigenes and nonindigenous of the State.



There is a phrase that says “nothing good comes easy”, same with Idara’s ‘Iko Ibom’ word game which had the challenge of getting the correct spellings of the Ibibio words and their meanings. That was overcome through the contribution of some persons who forwarded the words and their meaning, and also the internet.



Iko Ibom is an incredible word game that tests your ability to find Ibibio words. The challenge is to connect your letters to build as many words in Ibibio, as possible.

Its features are simple and easy rules to enable users to type the correct word to win a game! Also, Iko Ibom can be played offline and requires no data required. It is free on its different levels for all users, with no time limit, but all a player needs to do is adjust his or her pace at any of the 50 levels of the game.

The game has the puzzle or ‘fill-in-the-blank-spaces’ area, providing you with scrambled alphabets players can use to create words in the Ibibio language. Another is the ‘Learn Ibibio’, a section that teaches you vowels, alphabet, numbers, greetings, time, food etc in Ibibio. Additionally is the ‘Bonus Game’ that houses the Quiz section which shows you an Ibibio word and provides multiple answers to choose from in English.

A view of the different sections of the app



He intends adding other Akwa Ibom languages to the game, such as Annang, Oro, Ekid, Obolo etc and hopes the platform will also be used as a means of teaching the Ibibio language to both pupils and students in Akwa Ibom State and other people across the globe.


Indeed this where tech meets culture, as Idara MosesIko Ibom game is ensuring that many are conversant with Ibibio, the language spoken by the fourth largest ethnic tribe in Nigeria, thereby preserving the heritage of the people.


Click HERE to download the game!


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Written by Prince Simeon

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